Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME

 Before I share my Birthday prizes I wanted to post a photo of this weeks blog candy winners gift. Rhonda you are the winner of this homemade Halloween table runner!!! Rhonda send me your address so I can get your gift in the mail.
 Karsyn's BD spa wraps were completed before I could move on to my special for me gift. Sew happy to have one more thing marked off the To Do list done
 Hubby ask what I wanted for my BD this year......Want to guess what it is?
 This handsome electric pressure cooker that was on a heck of a good sale from Williams Sonoma. Regular price $189.00, sale price $99.00. I can't wait to play around with this new tool. I stink at remembering to cook beans ahead of time for recipes thus I grab a can and go. Maybe I will do better with cooking dry beans once I master this thing.
 Yesterday was D Day to finish my for me BD gift. Remember the "Cake Walk blocks" I have been working on over the past month? Well that very special quilt was being created for ME. I was short 3 blocks when I sat down yesterday morning determined to at least get the top completed. I still need to go back and work on embellishing a block or two but I wanted to move on to the borders.
 I added 5 borders! I couldn't decide on just one or two, or even three so I went for broke and added them all
I am going to send this quilt out to a free arm quilter. After adding all the borders it's just too darn big for me to FMQ on my little machine. Once it's back from the quilter I am going to cut the final border into scallops then bind it in the blue gigham. I just might let this be Nanny's traveling quilt, the Birthday boy or girl each month can have a turn with it.

It has been a FULL week and it's only Wednesday, UGH I still need to finish cleaning up dinner dishes from my family BD meal tonight as our big girls and I don't have the same level of what we consider a tidy kitchen. Sweeping and mopping will have to wait until tomorrow as I am beat.

This Birthday Girl is on her way for a good nights sleep. Congrats again Rhonda!!


  1. Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday, dear Debby....Happy Birthday to you (and many moooore....)

  2. Happy Birthday Wishes and many more!

  3. Oh, Happy birthday to you! and that pressure cooker really interests me, I am looking to forward to hearing what all you cook in it and how you like it.
    and thanks for picking me, that runner looks so fun, we will enjoy it, especially my grands. I will email you my address.

    you are the best!

  4. Debby!! Happy happy birthday!!! Hope you had a great one!!

  5. Hope you had a **WONDERFUL** birthday, Debby!! LOVE that runner! lol!! Soo cute!

  6. That is going to be a fabulous quilt and a very original design! I don't blame you keeping it for yourself. A very happy birthday for yesterday I hope you were spoilt rotten!!! I totally understand when you comment your opinion of a clean kitchen does not coincide with your girls views. I have the same argument with my daughter and she says I am just too fussy!!!
    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  7. Good choice on Birthday gift, Debby. I know your family made your Birthday as special for you as you do for them !

  8. a belated Happy Birthday from me, and I LOVE that calk walk quilt with all its borders, so pretty.

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