Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Month

 Karsyn played dress up all morning, such a sweet face don't you think?
 Sweet face but mischievous little girl, she did her best to try and get to the dehydrated jars today. I had to laugh at her determination, until she got her chair to do some climbing, got the door closed lickity split!!
 Mason man is so funny when the little girls are around he won't go to sleep until his face is covered, smart boy.
Hubby informed me he had a club meeting tonight, grr Nap time was cookie time for me.

Here is a recap of how I did on February's No/Low spend challenge and Decluttering challenge.

No/Low spend
My goal was to put back $100.00 in our Christmas/vacation account from my weekly spending money.
Totally rocked this one with $317.00 deposited for the month!!

Decluttering challenge

Personal space
Our room and closets are looking fabulous!! So nice to be able to walk in my walk in closet for a change!! Ha

Family Space
Yep got this one done as well. I did spend some major bucks replacing old VHS tapes with DVD's for Disney movies and classics our girls grew up with, $$ came from our regular account which is getting mighty low.

Productivity challenge
This one was my scrap/sewing room. It was a tea total mess and wasn't working the way I had it organized. I took time out during the month to tackle some area's that I knew would take more time than the week we had, then it was 7 HARD days of cleaning out and cleaning up. The room now WORKS!!! Everything has a place and is in it's place. When I finish up a project it is easy to clean up and go on to the next thing. LOVE IT!!! Spent less than $40.00 on containers to get things in order.

Dreaded challenge
I counted my sewing room as part of this challenge the other 1/2 was to be cleaning up PC files but our PC went down so I couldn't get to that part. Hubby was able to get things fixed so I will be working on the PC files (mostly photo's) for the month of March.

Thanks Carla for a great month of challenges!! Carla has a new challenge up for March, check it out here if you want to join in

I will update my March goals tomorrow, I have all 3 little ones tomorrow so I NEED to get to bed so I can hit the floor running at 6:00 AM. How did your February go, did you hit all your goals or will you be caring some over to March?


  1. LOL, Debby, this is why I suppose they call them "walk-in" closets so we can walk-into them. Hard work as it was, it is a great feeling now it is done, the challenge will be me keeping it that way now ! Too cute @ Karysn, she knew exactly what she was after; wonder what the attraction is with those jars? Posting my challenges today also for Carla's March Challenge. Hope sleep rested you for today with those 3 Grands ?

  2. You have such a cute blog! Carla's challenges definitely helped me get un cluttered!

  3. Way to go on your challenges and getting your areas organized. The cookies look delicious!!!