Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I removed EVERY thing from my closet then threw it all on the bed. Unless I got it cleaned up there would be no sleeping tonight.
After sorting through the piles I put my "little bit better" than Nanny wear on one side of the tiny walk in closet

The other side has my Nanny wear, I only hung on to the nicer tee's but still have plenty. Dress up clothes were moved to a spare bedroom closet, it's not like they get used very much so no need to clutter up my working closet. Two large bags will be headed to Goodwill next time I am over that way, they are already loaded in the car ready to fnd a new home.

I moved our every day bulk storage under my tee's so I could get to it much easier. Before I had to go in the closet, shut he door, drag out the 50 pound buckets then drag it all back again. I replace the lids with Gamma Lids for our bulk items. Much better for getting in and out plus they keep a nice seal. I don't have room in the kitchen or any of the other pantries for these large buckets.

I didn't turn my machine on for a single minute today :( but I did get a few more bits and pieces sorted. I am hoping this system will work better than the piles of scraps I had hanging aound. The larger containers hold leftovers from seasons or categories. No need to have Christmas and such just taking up space and looking all messy.

Needed to post early today since I know hubby will want to get on the PC tonight to start our tax filing. I have a little nest for myself to work on files in the den for this afternoon and evening. I need to do a quick dig to find everything hubby will need then it's on to doing the yearly clean out and setting up for 2012. I sooo should have done this earlier but now is better than never! Our desk is housed in our bedroom so this is still part of the decluttering for the master bedroom. I am oh so close to being done in there.

After hours in our room I needed a change of scenery so I moved over to the scrap/sewing room for some time. The only way to get some sibilance of order was to find storage containers for all my leftovers. Wally world here I come, put down $31.74 for crappy plastic boxes, printer paper (we were out), file boxes. and Cheetos (lunch). This won't be much of a low spend week, I will need gas and a few other things before the week is out.

I so hate ugly clear plastic boxes, getting cute colors makes me feel a little better but I need to see what is in the boxes quick and easy so clear it is. I have collected so many good scraps over the last year that I didn't want to do away with much. After putting together 3 quilt tops with the fabric I had bought for just one quilt I realized two things. I buy more fabric than I need to for a quilt and coordinating scraps look pretty darn good together for additional quilts. I used the large containers for seasons, baby, Americana, holidays and such. The small containers are random scraps sorted by color. I hate to cut into a full piece of fabric for just a small bit.

I'm off to start on our filing, shredding and moving the old stuff out. With any luck I can head to bed before hubby gets to far into the tax deal, it ain't always pretty!!


  1. Holy moly, you do have a lot of clothes!! WAY more than me!!

  2. Great work! You certainly have already gotten rid of 29 items!!! :)

  3. Wow!! Way to go!! I'm dreading going through my clothes.... It won't be pretty!! :/

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Sharon, I have way more clothes than I ever wear but hate to buy new ones so I stick with the old but classic and of course Nanny wear is just tee shirts that I hang up
    Little Lab your right, I far exceded the 29 items in my closet alone!
    Carla, I feel no sympathy you ae the one who got us into this mess!! Ha, just kidding!!

  5. Wow Debby great energy day for you! You most certainly have your "game" going ! Congrats ! Do they have the clear bins with different coloured lids? Thinking those would make you feel good if they did ? Let me know how you liked the pork tenderloin recipe when you try it? Have you had a chance to try the meatloaf yet, I think it will be a favorite of ours. Great day to you !

  6. I haven't tried any new recipes lately, hope to have the time next week when things settle down a bit. I got the boring boxes with white lids since they were only $.97@, gotta stick to the spending plan!!

  7. Hi Debbie - thanks for visiting - and well done with all your clearing; it looks very organised. Mrs Thrifty x

  8. Wow! WTG getting all of those organized. I always find it amazing how many clothes I have when I stop and actually look at how full my closet is, and my dresser drawers.

    And I have the huge buckets also and they are a pain to find spots for. Right now I have two in my kitchen pantry but I am out of space. Thanks to you I'll consider putting them in my closet. =)

  9. Good for you for organizing your closet! I'm dreading to touch mine too. I have stuff that I know is too big or too small but it's cute stuff that I liked before, and I'm just emotionally attached, I guess :) I rarely buy clothes too, and when you find something that fits and looks nice, it's hard to get rid of it when it becomes the WRONG fit.
    I don't think I'm going to really organize my closet until summer when we have a Church cloth swap.

  10. Hey, I like some of the patterns in your slightly better than Nanny clothes, I know where to come when I need something to wear somewhere lol!Because you KNOW that even though I have a closet FULL of clothing I simply don't have a thing to wear!!

  11. Ms. Thrifty, welcome to the latest challenge, we will all be taking a peek in your drawers you know!

    Lillian, The buckets really are a pain but they work so well I have to use them, We don't have a basement and you can't store food in the garage in the south so my closet is the best place for them

    Lena, I did pitch anything that wouldn't fit, my dressy clothes don't get worn often and many are pretty old but they are classics so I can use them when needed

    Jane, Now that your getting all skinny on us my stuff would never fit!! Ha

  12. WOW! You have made amazing progress. I feel so behind the eight ball!

  13. Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Your closet is so tidy now!! Impressing!