Friday, March 2, 2012

Be Prepared

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Do you remember this tornado that went through Birmingham Al last year?
 What the heck would I do with these two little girls and Mr Mason man if the storms that are predicted should hit our area?
 I put together a basket of diapers, bottles, wipes, toys, LOTS of pacifiers, snacks, formula and extra blankets Just In Case.
Moved my basket and one of the cradles to our powder room the safest interior room in our house. We have flashlights, important papers, lots of batteries, a NOAA weather alert and cell phone ready to go, Just In Case.

A RARE mid day post. All of the little ones are napping another RARE occurrence at our house.

 I felt the need to do a quick post for anyone in the path of the deadly storms in the mid west and south today and overnight. What would you do???? Do you have a plan in place? Do you know where the safest place is in your home for your family if a warning is issued? Think ahead and please prepare for what might be coming your way!!!!

I got a little jolt this morning after the little ones arrived with a tornado warning for the county just north of us about 6 miles, yikes! I put the little girls in their high chairs with a nice muffin to munch on while I put together a quick basket of emergency supplies, moved one of the cradles to the powder room, checked the batteries in the flashlights and grabbed the cell phone from my car (I never use the thing except for emergencies when I am out and about)

If we should go under a warning I can quickly move all the little ones into the powder room and grab the cushions from the couch that is right next to the room. I feel much better now knowing I have a plan Just In Case. AJ the beagle has been hiding under any quilt she can find all day to the point she is beginning to make even me a little nervous!! Silly dog, but you just never know.

I sat down with a cup of tea and some cookies (recharge my personal batteries you know) and turned on the weather channel. Already today 3 towns that we have very good friends who live in  AL have been hit by tornado's, hubby is checking to insure they are all OK and has decided to come on home Just In Case.

Take the time to be safe today!!! If you have never read the book "Just In Case" by Kathy Harrison throw the budget out the window for today and pick up a copy it is a great read and TONS of good information for families. Her blog is on my side bar.

PS. I am in no way affiliated with the book nor do I receive $$ for suggesting anyone pick up a copy.


  1. Debby, good planning ahead, too many people do NOT think like you. I hope all turns out alright... prayers from here to there for you all that it goes around everyone.

  2. Thanks so much, so far one young family we know in AL has lost their home. My home town in IN also was hit, not sure how hard yet, can't get ahold of any family at this point. We should get the bad weather around 3:00-4:00 AM but shouldn't be as bad by then, we hope!!

  3. I thought the post was going to be about how the Ganda make a bigger mess then a tornado...hahaha!!

    Seriously though, that's scary stuff! :( I'd head to my basement with my kids & pray for safety & mercy!

  4. Hi Debby, we have been so busy the last few days and have not watched the news or kept up with much online.
    You are so right about the need to be prepared.

    when I have time, I want to read some of your older posts - you seem like a very kindred spirit to me :)

  5. Hi Debby, I saw the news this morning and a lot of places your way have been hit quite badly.Sounds like you were well prepared and I trust and hope you are all safe and well.I am so glad we never get anything like this in UK!

  6. That is so SCARY!! And with 3 little ones and a dog? Oh my! You DO need a plan. Heck - we all do. I put a plastic bin together with the necessities one summer a few years ago when there were a lot of bad storms - I have a crank radio and 2 flashlights that you shake (no batteries needed) 24 hour candles and matches, case of water (but I ate the snacks:) The wind is blowing really hard here today and the sky is very grey. But with out low temps today and tomorrow it's more likely we'll get a blizzard than a tornado!