Monday, March 5, 2012

Food inventory continues

 Sunday I cleaned up our canning shelf, we are just about right on target for the food I canned last summer. I think we may have more tomatoes than we really need but I have a little something on its way that will change that this season (I hope)
 I am to lazy to return empty jars to the garage each time we use something up. I just put them back with the canned foods then do a clean out every now and then. Out of curiosity I did a quick count of jars we have on hand. The total is 460 jars, no wonder I am ready to rest at the end of canning season!!! 
 Sunday was also dehydrating day for the BOGO onions I picked up. We were down to about a 1/4 quart jar of onions from last summer, hope to do better this year so I won't have to buy anymore onions!

 I use a french fry chopper to work up the onions. After the first cut I do a cross cut to diced the onions, quick and easy!
 All those bags of onions dehydrated down to 2 quart jars, plenty to use until the garden gives us whatever it decides. One of the additional super cool things about dehydrating is I don't have to cut onions for recipes again for close to a year, and NO storing 1/2 and onion in the refrigerator only to be shoved to the back then go bad.
OK this black forest bread looks gross but it is super yummy!!! The recipe calls for Maraschino cherries, instead I use the ones I cannned last spring so the color isn't near as pretty but oh so tasty. Thanks so much North of Wiarton for the great recipe.

Mason man and I had a full day continuing to clean up pantries and bulk food. We are running lower on sugar than I thought so another trip to BJ's will be in my future once I get my list in good order. I checked out our extra dehydrated food I have stored, we are in really good shape other than carrots but we have some in the garden now. I will let the dehydrator air out another day or so then pull the carrots we have and work them up. I have now had my hands on every single food container, box, bag, jar or can of food in the house, not a single thing is out of date!! Woohoo no food waste.

Also had to vacuum the entire house and mop the hardwoods. Knowing that black forest bread was setting on the stove for tonight's snack kept me motivated to keep going. I have high hopes of getting back to a little sewing tomorrow, need to finish up a baby quilt so I can move on to some Christmas cheer.


  1. Oh, you are amazing!! And I thought I can a lot... And I don't know what you are talking about but this bread looks so yummy :)

  2. I don't can much and I am so impressed with all of yours.

  3. Genius! I honestly have never heard of drying onions like that at home... my parents plant a lot of them and usually by Christmas they are gone or starting to go bad.....

    That's a lot of jars, WOW!

  4. Has the Onion smell left the building yet to make room for the carrots? LOl Glad you enjoyed the Black Forest Bread; one of my favorites. I get worn out from reading what you have done in a day, Debby. I am sure you sleep well, as you & the Mason man had yourselves a busy day.

  5. I'm totally overwhelmed by all the canning you achieve, (is canning the same as bottling or pickling)........I managed to make six jars of blackberry jam and a few jars of pickled onions last year, my first attempt at food preservation.......seeing your incredible haul, I'm determined to do more this summer.

  6. I am super impressed with all your canning. I know where to come to now if I need advice!!!


  7. That's fantastic! You're fantastic! What a great idea. My BF wanted a dehydrator and I said it was a waste of money, maybe I'll rethink that lol.