Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Stuff

 We headed to Cosco to do a little bulk buying this morning. After paying $55.00 for a membership We bought very little, the old store we bought at (BJ's) has much better prices grrrrr Wasted $55.00 but I did pick up enough nuts to last what I think will be close to a year.
 I then vacuum packed them into 4 cup, 2 cup, and 1 cup portions.
 Sometimes the vacuum pack fails so I bag them in zip lock bags just in case before they head to the freezer.
 Then it was on to wrapping this quilt for my sisters BD
 I love the cute flip flop fabric on the border. The backing is done in the same pink polka dot as the inside border and binding, very girlie.
Here she is finally hanging on the clothes line.

Why is it sometimes the simplest things in the world turn out to be the hardest? This simple quilt is one of those things. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have taken this thing apart and started over, UGHHHH Finally it is done and I am happy with how it turned out, hopefully my sister will feel the same at dinner tonight when we give it to her. She is not really what I would consider a quilt person but quilts are this years family gift theme from us so I decided a beach quilt would be something she might use in all their travels.

About the only other thing I got accomplished today other than paying bills and doing banking was a trip to Cosco with hubby to do a little stock up shopping. We had heard from so many people that Cosco was the place to do bulk shopping. They wouldn't let you shop unless you bought a membership. I wanted to check the place out before I laid down the cash but hubby had his buggy and was ready to roll so we handed over the cash. To me it was a waste of $$, I do much better at BJ's warehouse and it is MUCH closer to our home. Cosco is in downtown Charlotte which I never go to!!!!! I hate city traffic. The store had a huge selection of junk food, lots of junk frozen food, candy, chips and such but very little real food. Now don't get me wrong I won't turn my back on a good chip now and then and a donut, I am all over it, but I can use coupons and sales for the little of that we do buy. Our BJ's membership has expired so I guess we will be paying for another year with them and just write the $55.00 off as a lesson learned, stick with what works!

Crap, hubby has yelled out on more than one occasion now "Are you ready dear" so I need to get off, change from my tee shirt and comfy jeans into adult clothes so we can go eat an overpriced dinner that is sure to make me sick. (We do have a GC at least!!)


  1. I personally find Costco very overpriced for food items. We do have a membership through dh's work. However I don't remember when we last went.

    Love the quilt, your sister is a very lucky lady,


  2. Agreed, Costco, like anywhere else you have to know your prices and I didn't find it that cheap when I went with friends & my sister; the few items I did buy were cheaper, but not worth a 2 1/2 hour drive & $55 for a membership to use once a year if that! Debby, love the quilt. Your family is so fortunate to have you... hope the overpriced dinner doesn't make you sick.

  3. PS Happy to know the Storm missed you. My Aunt called me from Florida tonight, safe and sound, as it was behind them the whole way there.

  4. Love the quilt border! Hope it was an appreciated gift.

  5. Hi Debby,
    So nice to meet you. My dau loves Costco but my son loves BJ's. So funny that they have such differing opinions. Sorry to hear you wasted even a nickle on a membership.

    You never know unless you try though. Your quilt is just precious. I'm sure you're glad it's finally finished. Hope yours is a happy Sunday. Hugz!!

  6. I let my Costco membership lapse last year. I always overspent there and with only having a family of 3 I don't really need to buy in BULK. I don't miss having the membership - I have a No Frills store within walking distance to my house and the prices there are always low.

  7. We had a Costco membership the first year of our marriage just for their gas prices (and we lived very close back then). But after a year we counted our savings and realized that we saved about as much as we paid for the membership. And I usually can find better prices with grocery store sales. But I envy all your nuts now...I love just to snack on them.

  8. Love the quilts!

    I only go to Costco 2 or 3 times a year... I tend to buy some produce (they have nice trays of asian pears, mangos and figs, when in season) and I will buy the big bags of pecans when I see them. I don't go there for the processed junk or the gadgets that they sell, but a lot of ppl get sucked into the "deals" they supposedly have... I have friends who drop at least $200/week there, then wonder whey they are always broke!

  9. I keep forgetting to add this, but go to costco and ask for the $55 dollar membership fee back. They are EXCELLENT with returns (in fact we keep our costco membership strictly for their return policy on big ticket items!). Just tell them you're not happy with it. You can probably even get it refunded online through their website. like i said, excellent, excellent, excellent about return/refunds