Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 Finished the new baby girl quilt top yesterday morning.
Poor Mason man was stuck wearing girls clothes yesterday.

It is still crazy hot here, last night hubby had enough and turned the air conditioner on, sleeping in 83 degree heat was just to much for him! As much as I hate using the air so early in the season he was right, a good nights sleep is a must around our house. He tried to till the garden yesterday afternoon but it's still to wet to work in, maybe in a week or two it will dry out enough. With the weather we are having I am not sure how well the early spring plants are going to do, time will tell.

Hubby also worked his magic on our washing machine. It seemed to me that the agitator wasn't working very well, sure enough it had striped itself out. Took him less that on hour to put in the new parts, now its working like new again!! I figure he saved us a couple of hundred dollars in service calls and labor fees, I have almost forgiven him for his overspending on his mancation! HA

By the afternoon it was so stinkin hot in the house even with all the doors and windows open along with the fans on high that I striped Mason man down but had to dress him in little girl clothes as I only have winter things for him, he makes a cute girl don't you think? Mommy sent things with him today for me to keep on hand, she isn't crazy about cross dressing her little guy. I was able to finish piecing one of the little girl quilts I have lined up but the pinning had to wait until maybe today. I will have to see what Mason has in mind before I can get anymore work done. I would like to have it pinned and ready to quilt on our girl trip. I'm not crazy about how bright the colors are in this quilt, I lean more to pastels for babies. Maybe when I get it worked up I will feel differently. I hope to devote much of the day to planning and packing for our girls trip, having the 3 little ones Thursday and Friday leaves no time to do anything other than keep my head above water, we will be headed out bright and early Saturday so It's now or never.

We watched an interesting interview on TV last night with economic EXPERTS. Their assessment of our economic problems is Americans are not spending enough money, people are not taking on debt or buying homes. As soon as consumer confidence comes back we will be able to get the economy moving in the right direction again. They think to many news broadcast have scared people off from their normal spending habits which in turn has added to the economic decline. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Now it's all of our fault that we are balancing our families budgets, living within our means, putting a little back for a rainy day, basically trying to be good stewards of our money that is the USA's downfall. Some day's I would like to jerk the cable out of the wall!


  1. The Govn't is always dictating how we should spend our money ! Cross dressing? but he is so cute, lol Debby, you are so quick on those quilts, how long from start to finish on one? Way to wet here for another month or so before we get into our gardens I am sure ... bahhh, lots still needing done inside before outside happens

  2. It was snowing here the last two days :( But my tulips are about 6 inches long right now, and it gives me hope that spring will actually come!

  3. Little Mason man is one of the cutest girls I've ever seen - truly!
    The economy is a catch-22 - you're damned if you spend and damned if you don't!!

  4. he is a cutie regardless what he wears. We are having hot weather as well, must take the flannel sheets off this week.....


  5. Gill, we never got a chance to even put the flannel sheets on this year :(
    Jane your right, there seems to be no winning in this $$ game. I don't understand why people have to live on a budget but DC can spend like drunks
    Lena, we were so hoping to get just a little snow, but no such luck this year.

    North Wiarton, It depends on the quilt as far as the time, I can piece them pretty fast once the fabric is cut but the quilting takes hours and hours and hours!!

  6. Aww... He's soo sweet! :) The gvmt. is always good for a laugh... ;)