Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is here

 This bunch of bananas turned into.
 This overnight. If I can keep them hidden from the family they make great banana bread or banana ice cream. For the most part they are just for snacking.
 Mason and I took a stroll around the back yard today checking out all the new wood piles from Saturday
 Its hard to tell from the photo's but these 2 piles are way over my head, no way can I pull wood from them unless I use a ladder.
 Here is the last of the wood piles, we have enough wood now to last us LOTS of winters!! All from the trees we had taken out last year, they were HUGE trees.
Our Camellia bush is about to be in full bloom.

Not much of a post tonight as I am dog tired from having Mason all day and Karsyn from lunch on. Talk about a run for your money.....they were not good babies today!!! Supper tonight was a bowl of cream of wheat and toast, filling, fast, and easy. I'm off to open more windows (its 72 degree's) dig out some summer PJ's and hope for a good baby to show up in the AM!!!!


  1. My sympathies. :) I hope good happy babies come tomorrow for you too.
    I have tomorrow off, yea!

  2. The weather isn't as warm as yours yet here, Debby, but I am sure I am feeling as "dog tired" tonight. Sweet dreams .

  3. Wow, 72 degrees would sure be nice.We have about 60-65F right now but it will drop to 42 by next Tuesday :(

  4. Your life and my life are similar. I am watching a little friend right now and I have a lot to do!. It is spring here but we have not put in our garden yet. Maybe in a few weeks.

  5. you are so lucky with all that firewood......


  6. Thanks for the comments ladies, It was a HOT 82 degrees today, we skipped winter, looks like spring is gone as well :(