Sunday, March 4, 2012

Busy Sunday

 Strawberries (from last spring) and pound cake, desert for tonight.
 Here is the mug rug I got in the mail this week from Carla as a drawing winner during our low spend declutter challenge. How stinkin cute it this!!! But something is missing.
Much better with cookies don't you think?

I love, love, love my new mug rug from Carla over at 1/2 dozen daily!!! All the hard work of February has paid off big time, not only in a more organized home but now with this cute mug rug that is all MINE to enjoy a cup of tea with. I think it looks like spring, all happy, fresh and colorful. Thank you so much Carla. If you are looking for some cute little gifts check out her blog she has a tab with her handmade items listed all at really good prices and very well made!!!

Today was WAY to busy for a Sunday!!!!! Now that I have all the little ones during the week my weekends are full of running around doing the things I can't get done when the Grands are here. Hubby is in town for now so he got participate in all the ripping and running, he is as whipped as I am tonight!

We started our day dropping AJ the beagle off for a bath and pedi, then on to breakfast out where we ran into a neighbor we haven't seen in ages, nice little visit. Then off to BJ's to pay yet another membership fee, grrr. We picked up lots of things we were getting low on that I can't get for a better price at the grocery store even on sale and with coupons. I know prices well enough to buy only what is the best deal, that is until hubby takes off on his own with the buggy. I drug him out of the candy isle by assuring him I had a nice stockpile of M&M's at home so he won't be going hungry for a sweet treat. We did really well and would have stayed way under budget if we would have skipped the book isle. Hubby found one book that he assured me was needed (he is reading it right now, miracle!) I found a perfect book for a friends upcoming BIG birthday and of course a cookbook since I only have a million on had. We were still under budget so I am a OK with the splurge.

Back home to get Sunday dinner started, desert made, clean out the back pantry and canning jars then on to getting the pile of onions in the dehydrator. Hubby has never been around for dehydrating onions, garlic or cabbage, he was not to happy with the aroma that filled the house to say the least!! I have the dehydrator running in the garage, it is really stinky stuff and will make your eyes water. Thankfully the weather was nice so we opened all the doors and windows and I gave the kitchen and floors a good scrub so the smell has cleared out.

Sunday dinner is done, the kids have headed home to get the little ones to bed, hubby and I are both dead to our feet and in the bed as well. We are SO BLESSED that our girls live close enough to us to see them often and share Sunday dinner each week, but man alive it is a lot of work!!


  1. I'm drooling over here! The dessert looks yummy! Hopefully your evening is more relaxing!

  2. A lot of "work" is right, Debby. If you don't sleep at night like a baby I would really wonder after a day like that and preparing dinner for everyone as well! You are a much better woman then I ! LOL Love your "Mug Rug" from Carla. My hubby and I love the one we got as well, so much so mine is ready for the washer already it has been used since day one when it arrived. I am envious you can open your windows and hang quilts on your outdoor line. Hope your sister loved her B/D Quilt, as I know I would have. Sleep tight.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend!

    And yes, I agree, the mug rug looks much better with cookies on it ;-) Congrats on winning it!

  4. I LOVE your mug rug - very springy indeed, and yes it was meant for cookies too as you can tell by its size lol! I love mine too - I use it every day:)

  5. I'm drooling here too! And I've only been dieting here for like two days...

  6. That mug rug is so cute! It looks great with the cup and cookies on it.

    I keep track of prices also and know when I am getting a good deal at the bulk grocery stores, and what things are better to buy at a normal grocery store with coupons and sales. It's nice to see that you keep track of those things too.

    It sounds like you had a nice, and productive weekend.

  7. you were a lucky duck to win Carla's mug rug and yes it is stinking cute!!!


  8. You're making me hungry! lol! And yes, it definitely looks better with cookies on it! ;)