Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

 One of the goals I had for our girls weekend was to work on Christmas quilts for our DD's. While I didn't get the quilts pieced I did at least get the quilt squares done. I will have to set them aside for awhile to catch up on all the other ongoing projects but once I get some free time they will come together quickly! Ya me!!
 Photo's can't do justice to the beauty of the smokies.
 After dinner last night we heard an odd noise on the back deck, two racoons decided to stop by to  entertaine us for the evening.
 They had no fear of us, even peeked in the window now and then.
 After snacking on our trash the biggest one needed a bath.
Peek A Boo, is this little guy cute or what!

It was so nice to walk in the door this afternoon when arriving home, dust and all there is no place like home. We had an amazing long weekend, good home cooking, a few meals out, sightseeing, lots of sewing for me crafting or reading for the others. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny during the day with cool/cold nights perfect for some hot tea on the deck enjoying the sounds of the stream out back. We only had phone service when we went to town, another added bonus HA. One of the messages I had was a call from Kara, DD told me Kara needed a kiss from Nanny, I then heard Kara say Nanna, babble, babble, then a large smacking noise when she blew me a kiss over the phone. How sweet is that, can't wait to get my hands on the grands tomorrow morning!

Another cool thing about our trip is how economical it is each year. The cost of the cabin for each of us worked out to be $250.00 per room. If the ladies wanted to share their room they split the cost, we each take a turn cooking for the day, more money saved and a chance to eat some yummy home cooking. We are all at the age where hitting all the "outlet savings centers" is not our cup of tea we have more stuff (crap) than we need. Sightseeing is just that, getting out and enjoying the sounds, smells and beautiful scenery God has provided all for free. I didn't keep up with the exact totals I spent but it was around $325.00 including everything except gas which was a little over $100.00 GRRR. Works out to be a little more than $60.00 dollars a day, for the whole kit and caboodle, very doable for just about any ones budget.

Looking forward to catching up on all my favorite blogs for the next couple of days, getting the next projects lined up to work on and sorting scraps from the vacation. I  believe I made a error when cutting out the Christmas quilts, once I get things in order I will be giving away a precut Christmas quilt kit along with the pattern. Let me know if any of you would be interested in reciving it.


  1. Ok.. that's it, Debby. I am convinced that you quilt at SUPER-HUMAN speed! lol!! I hope one day i'm as good as you at quilting!!!

    Those raccoons are little buggers aren't they!?! We have them in our backyard all the time! lol!!

    You did SO awesome with your (non) spending!! Good for you! :)

    I'm always up for any of your "leftovers", but i've been so blessed by you already with receiving wonderful scraps that i'll let someone else snag this one. :) Although i'd still love to see it!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL Week end, and sounds so relaxing to me.. I have just recently found your blog, looking forward to reading more

  3. Welcome home, Debby ! Hope it was exactly what you needed? The cost was excellent at $60/night. Gas prices have also soared here, just rising by 8 cents per liter in one day! You did amazing on your projects while gone. *Phew* to the dust, I dust and it is back 2 minutes later here ! How cute with the phone "kisses", something I love getting myself too from my boys.

  4. I am so happy for you that you had such a nice getaway. It sounds wonderful!

  5. glad you had such fun..nothing like it !! look forward to the Christmas kit chance to win!!!


  6. Welcome home!! The price of gas is driving (haha) me CRAZY!! We do keep our car costs down by sharing one car (mine) between 3 people but still - it's getting ridiculous! Love that last photo of the raccoon - so cute - too bad they're wild animals !