Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fabric Overdose

When DD#3 dropped Kara off this morning I had her hold her up to our cherry tree for a quick photo. Hope I can get a better picture when her hair is not a mess before the blooms are all gone!
 After SIL#3 picked Kara up I headed to the quilt shop to purchase the additional Christmas fabric I need for our girls weekend retreat. Surprise, surprise I couldn't leave without something extra, Sweetwater Reunion fabric.
 I LOVE this stuff, also have a jelly roll of it in my stash. I HAVE TO LEAVE this home next week or I will once again end up with a dozen things going at once. I am thinking this would make a nice Father's Day quilt for hubby as well as look pretty cute in the family room! Any reason to make another quilt works for me.
 Remember this fabric I won from Kathy's blog 
 I used it along with a pattern I had picked up awhile back to make a note pad holder. The one from the pattern is on the right hand side. I didn't care for the looks of it so I started over this time using a binding on the edge. It turned out much nicer.
Inside it has a pocket for a notepad, pen and coupons or whatever. Thanks again Kathy I have used up just about every single bit of the fabric making little notepad covers this afternoon.

I was so dog tired after the grands left yesterday I didn't even eat supper, it was PJ's and the bed for me before the sun was down. Kara didn't arrive today until 11:00 so I did a quick pick up, some kitchen cleaning and 2 loads of wash from the grands this week. The one room I didn't hit was the grands room. When Kara walked in the door of the play room she yelled out EWWWW. Great I have an 19 month old now critiquing my domestic skills. I did get busy while she was playing and cleaned up the room to her liking!!

Once SIL#3 picked Kara up I was off to get the errands done for the week (I hate traffic) I didn't get to the post office in time but I think I can manage on Monday since I will only have Mason Man for the day. I have all the tread I should need along with cutting blades and the extra fabric I was short of for the Christmas quilts. Why, oh why, can't I go in a fabric store without loosing my mind!!!!! Just when I have my "Room of Sin" all nice and organized I drag in an additional bag of fabric..... No regrets, this stuff is cute! I also bought a pattern to work up the new fabric but as luck would have it when I sat down tonight to study it the package is missing the last page. I have the worst luck buying patterns, something always seems to be missing. Monday I will see if the store will e-mail me a copy of the last page, with gas up to $3.79 a gallon I don't want to make another trip out unless I have to.

Hubby has decided Nanny needs a day of rest so Sunday dinner will be our treat for the family eating out. Hubby is playing nice with me since he has been using the debt card instead of the CASH he has in his pocket at the bike rally in Daytona, grrr that man. I know the waiters at restaurants cringe when they see us coming. We need a table for 9 and also 3 high chairs please, a nice out of the way area might be best!! What the heck we are really good tippers so it all works out in the end.


  1. ...and you should be going out for dinner to have a "break" before you end up sleeping in your Sunday Dinner some day! Ewww ... lol @Kar ! I can't believe the blooms on your Cherry Tree, Debby; beautiful. Aiden is gone tomorrow, I will miss him. Enjoy your "treat" out tomorrow !

  2. PS LOVE the notebooks too "what a great gift would those make" ! I am so impressed with your talents

  3. Debby,
    how can you be so quick??? these are just adorable and so functional too!!! I would probably still be just looking at the fabric trying to decide what to make!!! Great job and so glad you enjoyed!

  4. Oh, this notebook covers are darling!! You are such a talent! In looks like spring is in full bloom in your side of the world. So beautiful!!

  5. Debby!!! How dare you post that Sweetwater fabric that i've been lusting over on Etsy!! hahaha!!! ;) I *LOVE* it!! Can't wait to see what you do! I have an idea for those planners too! Yours turned out awesome! The binding looks great!

  6. Thanks ladies.

    Kathy, I always have lots of idea's in my mind, just need the time without the grands to pull it off!!

    Carla, I an crazy for everything sweetwater puts out, I will hang on to the scraps to send your way. You do so much with such small pieces!! We live in a lake area reunion is going to go fast around here, I had to get it while I can. Still want some hometown if I can find it