Sunday, March 25, 2012

A little sight seeing

 Mama bear and her baby
 Brooks and waterfalls around every corner
 Lots and lots of deer
An old grain mill

Not a lot of sewing going on today. After breakfast we did a little sight seeing at Cades Cove, beautiful old farms, lots of wildlife even a Mama bear and her cub. The weather is just too nice to stay in sewing. I am working on Christmas quilts tonight, another gal is reading, one is cropping photo's, and one is snoring to beat the band. Love hanging out with my friends!!! 


  1. Beautiful!!! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Looks wonderful.I would love to see the bears.

  3. I know right where you are! I was at Cades Cove years ago with a dear friend. Have fun.

  4. what a special "nature" treat to see the mama and her cub.....WOW

  5. Your bear and cub photo remind me of the time I was running along the side of the road in Jasper Park (Alberta) trying to get a photo of a bear...well, duh!! I did get a photo or two but they look more like photos of the ever elusive "yeti"!! Sounds like you're having a blast!! (I'd be the one snoring!!)

  6. Awesome you have internet service so we can all enjoy some of what you are seeing ! Thanks, Debby !

  7. What a beautiful place. You won't want to come home.
    Love from Mum