Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Down Three to Go

 Check out the blog candy I won from Kathy over at Thank you Kathy, I LOVE IT!!!!
One of the four quilt tops is done!!!

Isn't the fabric as cute as it can be? I can't wait to cut into it, maybe tomorrow night if the grands don't give me fits tomorrow! I know just what I am going to make, now to dig out the pattern and start cutting. Thanks so much Kathy!!

After Karsyn and Mason left tonight I put it in high gear to finish up one of the Christmas quilt tops. With hubby at the bike rally I don't need to do much cooking so I had the evening free, all for me!!! I am so glad I was able to finish this up so I could determine if I will need more fabric to work up the rest. Sure enough I don't have enough white for the sashing and I have nothing left to do the patchwork borders, grr I have done the math for the white so I know what I will need as well as the backing. Need to crunch more numbers for the piece work border. I really don't want to have a pile of leftover fabric on my hands. The idea I had in mind for names on the quilt won't look right. I am going to wait till our girls weekend to decide,  figure with 4 extra pairs of eye's we can come up with something.

As much as I hate to do errands on the weekends Saturday morning I will be out and about early so my list making is underway. I need to hit the quilt store to pick up the Christmas fabric for our cabin getaway, mail boxes, stop by the big box store for extra thread, then the bank to make a deposit. The rest of the day should be free play time for me, unless SIL #2 has to work, then I will be dragging Kara all over town. 


  1. Debby, the Christmas Quilt is fantastic. Nice "score" yourself on the win! Enjoy the "me" time if you do end up getting some.

  2. Congrats on the win!! Cute fabric!! :)
    LOVE THE QUILT TOP!!! Soooo cute! Lucky person who gets that as a gift!!

  3. Thanks ladies! This quilt is for me!!! Out of all the quilts I have made I only have a beach quilt. Plus this one being the first and having to wing it on some things I get to keep what I call the sloppy copy. I will be putting all our families names on it when I decide where they should go

  4. love the quilt top too and lucky you winning the fabric. Have a super weekend,


  5. Very nice, I love punctuation fabric. need to get back on the blogging train and post some quilts.

  6. This is a gorgeous quilt...Like all of your quilts!!

  7. glad it arrived Debby!! can not wait to see it used!!

  8. That is gorgeous - clever you xx