Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time to Pack

 Mason and I worked on packing for my weekend girls trip today.
 I have had this purse pattern and fabric put back for awhile, maybe I can work on it this weekend.
 This table runner and four square quilt are also on the list of would love to do for ME with Strawberry Fields fabric.
 Mason fell asleep in this position.  I think all the fabric decisions might have overwhelmed him.
 I pulled out some of my stash to possibly work up purses for the little girls.
Then it was on to cutting our this super cute reunion fabric that will someday be a Charming Old Maid quilt. I had forgotten I had some charm packs stashed away.

Mason and I had a nice, quite, relaxing day pulling together projects to take to the mountains this weekend. Tomorrow I hope to finish up then do any odds and ends that need to be taken care of before the little girls join us at the end of the week. I know I am taking WAY more than I can possibly get done but I'm not sure what mood I will be in so I am taking a variety of things to work on. 

Each of us will take a day to do the cooking while we are away. I think I have come up with my menu for my day. I need to pull it all out of the pantry and put together a basket of condiments and such we might also need. We do hit the grocery for milk, eggs and such when we arrive but the rest mostly comes from home. Not only are my girl friends all pretty darn crafty they also know their way around the kitchen, some yummy food is for sure going to be eaten if nothing else gets done!.

Do you ever take the time for a girls getaway? We started doing it once our girls were all grown and out of the house (also off the payroll) I try to do a mountain trip once a year unless one of our DD's are ready to give birth (lots of that lately) Hubby also has his mancation once a year, pretty much a Harley Rally someplace. Having our Christmas/Vacation fund in place this year is an added bonus, that is if hubby could have stayed on budget, grr. I know I will come way under budget so it will all work out in the end but the man really needs to learn how to handle money better!!! 


  1. Just love that little Mason man! He's too cute for words! I usually do a weekend with the girls over the long weekend in July (Canada Day) - we really let loose and have a blast AND we usually create something too as there are a couple of artists in the group.

  2. The Mason man does look like he had had enough ! He is way too cute, Debby. You are so prepared for your trip, so wishing you the best one. I have not been gone for a girl's wknd for ever, as we all are so spaced out now and gone in different directions. Why is it those "men" never stay on budget track? we truly are the thread that holds it all together, yes?

  3. nope, I am a homebody and don't do away things but I hope you have a wondeful time! you certainly have some nice projects to work on.

    and I love the photo of Mason too! sweet little guy

  4. LOL!!! Love how he fell asleep! I imagine hubby woud fall asleep the same way when you get to fabric talking... ;) lol!

    I cannot wait to see your projects, Debby!! Have a blast!!

  5. Poor Mason man! Too many choices, so little time. Give the little guy a break.

  6. Oh man that picture of Mason is just too cute!! Love it!!

    I do a girls get-away every summer. My In-laws have a cabin in the mountains and they generously let me borrow it to host my girls-getaway. It is a much needed gab fest and fun time without the hubby's or kid's. I look forward to it every summer.

    Enjoy yourself this weekend!!!