Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Stuff

 Found 2 memory games at Wally World today for $2.99 @ in the clearance isle, these will be great for charity Christmas gifts this year
 Our pear trees are in full bloom, I figure we should harvest 2 or 3 pears this season!! Hey you gotta start somewhere. Ignore the shaggy yard, I will get the mowing done tomorrow evening.
The cherry tree is putting on a show again this year. I need to get a photo of each of the grands at the tree before the blossoms are gone. One good thunderstorm will strip it bare of blooms.

Today was a SPEND day!! I slept in until 7:00AM, super late for me them took myself out for a nice breakfast before heading to Wally world to replace my EXPENSIVE crappy iron. I have come to the conclusion no matter what you spend for small appliances they all are made of the same crappy parts, never again will I put real money out for an iron. Mine is only 3 or 4 years old and leaks like a rusty bucket. I picked up one for $39.95 today that was suggested by some other quilters, figure if I can get a few years out of it I will have spent my money well. I did consider the model that the quilting stores have out that runs $190.00 but several ladies say they are having the same problem with leaking so I went for the cheapo.

I also needed to pick up a few more items to send our friend in Afghanistan a BoBoo box. I made BoBoo boxes for all the kids and their friends when they went off to college, this young man received one as well but that was 11 years ago. He ask his Mom if I could send another one his way as they don't have access to OTC drugs, bandaids and such. Tyler finished decorating the container at supper tonight so I can pack it up and get in the mail. He decorated with super hero stickers, because "Army men are real super hero's" I couldn't agree more.

While waiting for Hubby to arrive back from his mancation I cut out 2 baby girls quilts. I want to get one pieced and pin basted before our trip next weekend, the other I will take along for a quick easy peasy project I may or may not do. Then it was off to supper with the family, always a fun time (more $$ spent). We did Italian tonight, Tyler wanted spaghetti and meatballs, how can restaurants justify the price when a durn noodle cost nothing to cook. I must admit it was nice not having to clean up the mess in the kitchen and all through the house after our family Sunday dinner. The cooking I don't mind but the clean up is a bugger!!!

Off to bed, Mason man will arrive bright and early. I need to get hubby's clothes washed (hope I find some cash) then we are going to do a little work in the garden tomorrow afternoon. Hubby will have to head back north Tuesday so I need to get as much of the tilling done while he is around, I don't do tilling!


  1. Now Debby how ever will you find "cash" if he had been using his card on the mancation? LOL It most certainly is a throw away world now, nothing last anymore then 5 years it seems. Nice of you to have had the supper out break, well deserved. Enjoy your day this day !

  2. Nice deals on the games.
    And I feel the same way about stuff. It all breaks and does not last. So frustrating.

  3. What beautiful blossoms. Our trees are starting to get some blossoms on them. It feels like Spring. =)

    We must have gotten lucky with our iron. We've had the same one for the past 12 years, since before we were married. What I don't like is it seems like the stuff they make these days don't seem to last as long as the stuff from years ago. I wish they made things to last, but that seems to be a thing of the past. Enjoy your new iron.

  4. I had the same damn problem with an expensive iron I bought - it lasted exactly one year! So this time I bought the cheapest no name one - $7.99 and it is doing very far!
    Is this early for your cherry tree to blossom? Around here we're having a very early spring - flowers are bursting into bloom, trees are budding etc, but then we're supposed to go back down to seasonal temps later this week and a chance that all of the buds will be affected by freezing temps!

  5. Most years our worst winter weather comes in Feb and March. Not so this year we have set records for weeks now, I so dread what the summer will bring. :(

  6. Great finds on the games!! :) CARS is popular around here with my girls! lol! It's hot here too, sitting around 83-84F as well!! Craziness!!!