Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Power Nap

 Cutting up the carrots goes pretty quick using the slicer, once the piece gets small I throw it into the small colander to slice with a knife. No need to lose a finger even over a yummy homegrown carrot!
 After the carrots are sliced I steam them then transfer to a dehydrator tray.
 Then they get a good spray of lemon juice before they are loaded into the dehydrator.
 One of the little boy quilts finished.
 I pieced the backing to add a little interest and save on fabric.
 Hard to see the quilting, I did free motion quilting using the stippling method.
I  followed hubby over to a friends house to get a photo before they headed out to "Daytona Bike Week" Hubby will be having a full Mancation week!!

This past week has been UBER busy with getting things done around the house, having the grands and working in a few extras I had my heart set on to get done. For the most part I did get lots accomplished but still haven't had time to start even one single Christmas project. So much for a full month of Christmas cheer in March! I might get to work in a couple of projects this week, for now the second baby boy quilt is ready to quilt and bind, I want the decks cleared before I take on anything extra.

The house is back in OK order after 8 full days with one or more of the grands, the yard is in good shape after SIL #2 and hubby worked a little magic We hired a couple of young guys to split and stack wood  for us Saturday soooo glad I didn't have to be involved in that endeavor other than writing a check!!! I hit the grocery on my way home after seeing the boys off and got in on a bit of a deal for chicken breast we were getting really low. Then home for a little afternoon nap which turned into a 5 hour nap!! Holy Hannah I didn't realize how tired I was until my head hit the pillow!!!! Of course I woke up with a nap hangover but it was still worth it.

Hope everyone has a great frugal, productive week with a little fun thrown in!!!! I have decided not to set any goals this week, just go with the flow and whatever mood I am in.


  1. a 5 hour nap! wow, I think that is a sign you have been too busy.

    I have a slower week ahead too, yea :)

  2. Good for you Rhonda, I so need to slow down, yea for a slower week!!

  3. Quite the power nap there Debby, take good care. I absolutely love the boy's quilt !!!

  4. Thanks North of Wiarton, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sleep last night after such a long nap but I was out cold for the entire night, that doesn't happen very often!!!

  5. I just love that quilt, Debby! Can I ask you how long on average it takes you to complete a quilt? You're SOO good at them and you seem to whip them out like crazy!! I'm always telling everyone about my sewing/do everything "idol".. lol!! Have a great week, Debby! Will you have any time for yourself with hubby gone?

  6. Wow, what a whirlwind you are. No wonder you needed an extra long nap. Hope you feel better for it now. I'm leaving you a message on my blog.
    Love from Mum

  7. Carla, It varies on how long a quilt takes, mostly due to the thing called family HA For a baby quilt like this one, maybe a couple of hours to cut it out, then 1/2 day or so to piece it. Quilting takes me the longest, straight line quilting goes pretty fast, on a baby quilt a little more than 1/2 a day, free motion quilting a full day or longer. The binding is really fast if I do it all by machine and not hand whip stitch the back down. I do VERY simple patterns!!! So I can get them done much faster!!!!!

  8. MUM, got the message, thanks so much I wasn't sure how the market worked!! Looks like it will be a fun day

  9. When I see how much you get accomplished in a day it's no wonder you had a 5 hour nap!

  10. Ha, funny Jane! It's not often I shut down like that but the old body would go another second.

  11. I love the "boy" quilt it looks simple for a beginner like me iss there a pattern/tutorial somewhere?