Tuesday, March 6, 2012


 Mason man, napped while I finished the baby quilt I needed done by the first of April.
 By the afternoon the quilt was ready to hang.
 Super sweet fabric, "Puttin on the Ritz" by Moda
The backing is in a satin light pink fabric, hard to tell by this photo

Karsyn's favorite word right now is go, go, go, it feels like all I have done lately is go, go, go!!! I didn't need this quilt until the first of  April but wanted to get it knocked out before I started my Christmas cheer, just in case, you never know about first babies. After Mason and I got the quilt done we started on supper and M&M cookies to send home for Tyler. I was feeling very ahead of the game until...

The baby girl this quilt is for has decided today will be her Birthday!! We are now on baby watch, this will be my friends first grand so of course she is a nervous wreak and over the moon excited as we all are. I am thinking tomorrow I will be getting her name tag, date, and all embroidered out to sew on this quilt, then in the mail, it seems to never end! 

Tomorrow is a lay low day if at all possible, we have leftover taco meat to use as taco salads or leftover Italian beef for sub sandwiches, no cooking for me. I need to recharge my batteries for Thursday and Friday when the little girls join in the fun. Maybe I can get an action plan in place for my Christmas sewing and begin to get things cut out and set up but I don't expect to get much more accomplished in the sewing department for a few days.

Are your plans for March moving on or are you like me just trying to find the time for it all?


  1. Good little Mason! I never seem to have enough time anymore, so I just do what has to be done and not all the stuff I want to

  2. Debby, love the soft pastel colours in this baby quilt. Beautiful! Feels like I am going all the time & back paddling the whole way ! What's up with that? and I have no Grands here with me (until Friday). Go go go, that Karsyn has you "labeled" just right ... but there is always so much to do it seem, or is it we are just getting slower at doing what we used to in a day?

  3. I hear ya ladies!! I hit the floor running at 6:00AM and don't stop until after 7:00PM most days. Vacation is coming up I can hardly wait!!

  4. What a beautiful quilt - i love the soft pastel colours. Lucky baby!

  5. gorgeous baby quilt, do you ever stop for a rest?


  6. Ha, Gill I do sleep!! But from 6:30 AM until after supper I am in motion most of the time. I am so happy to wake up on the right side of the dirt I don't like to waste it!!!!

  7. What a good boy!! ;) They're so easy when they're sleeping aren't they?! lol! The baby quilt is just beautiful! I love the quilting on it!!