Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Mail!!

 How cute is this hand made card I received from Carla over at 1/2 dozen daily!!
 And with the card she made me this super cute zipper pouch, perfect for all my coupons and savings rewards. Thank you so much Carla, I love it all!!!
 Karsyn is sporting one of the new dresses I made for the little girls, but her mood was not so great (All day I might add) The dress is really cute, the modle however was a hot mess.
 I have a new quilt started JUST FOR ME, using a jelly roll from "Strawberry Fields"
 The quilt squares are finished, now on the the assembly.
Karsyn thankfully was in a much better mood today. Thursday I thought I was going to pull my hair out!!!!

What the heck am I doing up tonight! I hit the sack at 8:30 PM only to wake up at 12:00 AM wide awake thinking about the mistake I made on My Very own quilt, grrr I think I have the problem worked out so I guess this middle of the durn night wake up is not so bad after all.

I am having a hard time getting back to reality after vacation. I miss setting around with the gals sharing coffee or tea in the mornings on the deck overlooking the stream, deciding what we want to do for the day. I miss adult speech!! I do love the grands to death but I have had a time of it getting use to the grunts, fussing, and such the past two days. I sorta miss hanging out with people who pee pee on the toilet, and don't get me started on projectile vomiting. I had to change clothes 3 times Thursday morning before 10:00 AM.

I finally have a handle on the pile of mail that was waiting on my return. SIL #2 got the lawn mowed today so our house doesn't look like we moved out 2 weeks ago. Phone messages and e-mails have all been answered (or deleted) The grands clothes, linens and my spit up clothes are in the dryer. I have 2 full days to myself  (I hope) to get my act together before the fun begins again next week. I have forewarned the adult children I need to chill for a few days, well see how that works out.

Tomorrow is devoted to errands, yuk! clean up on the deck double yuk!, and fixing the mistake I made on my quilt, crap. By Sunday all will be well in the world again but tonight I am missing my girl time!!


  1. Time to head back to the Smokies, Debby ... you are worn out before you get started !!! xxx

  2. love the dress, even the the model wasn't too happy about it all!!!

    Can't wait to see the new quilt.


  3. Glad you got my pkg, and I'm very apply that you'll have a use for it! :) Love the sweet dress, had to laugh about the "hot mess" comment! lol!! Lovin' that strawberry Fields fabric!! May have to peek on Etsy for it!!

  4. Karsyn is a real cutie, it just shows how they can be up and down in hours!