Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mum's Spring Fair

 I joined in with "Mum's Simply Living Blog" for a blogger spring fair then totally forgot that Friday was the day to post, BLUSH I was thinking Saturday, what the heck happened to the month of March? I want it back!!! I hope I am doing this right if not, so sorry. I am not only late but also not great at following directions.

Here is my first entry, a baby quilt I made for a dear friends first grand baby, I love how it turned out. BTW the black stripes in the quilt are shadows from the clothes line, I need to take photo's at a different time of day! 
 Here is an up close of the baby girl quilt, Lots and lots of free motion quilting
 This is one of 4 quilt tops in the works for Christmas gifts this year for our grown DD's, I still need to embroidery all of our names and of course get the quilting done.
 Another quilt from this year I made for DD#2 Birthday, young and hip just like she is
 The other stall I had was for food, this might seem odd but just add that to the list of failures I have had on the Spring Fair. I love to preserve food, lots of canning goes on around our house.
 Dehydrating is another all time favorite for preserving food.
 This is our garden a few years back, we haven't even turned it over yet this year. I like to grow as much of our food as I can, preserving it for the rest of the year.
Best of all we like to eat what we grow. This is Kara, one of our 4 grands helping me pull carrots from the winter garden.

Once again I am sorry for the late post :( I really do have a good excuse, its an age thing. Thanks for stopping in. This blog is all about everyday life, cooking, gardening, preserving, sewing, saving $$ when we can and most of all celebrating the time we have been blessed with to be here on earth with our family.


  1. Awesome post Debby ! You are totally amazing in all you do & give to your Family !

  2. you really do not sleep do you...L O V E the Christmas quilt and the idea of embroidering your names on its!!!!
    I can not wait to check my mail...???

  3. Debbie, I thought you had forgotten - don't worry, I've put you back on the main post and I shall ask bloggers to look again at yesterday's post. Your quilts are absolutely beautiful, as is Kara. She's being brought up correctly eating produce grown at home! I hope you'll join in with our Tea Party later in the year. Take care and thank you for contributing to the fair.
    Love from Mum

  4. Debbie you are amazing - your quilts are divine and all that wonderful growing .... your grandchildren are lucky xx

  5. Your quilts are so amazing. You are so talented! And I love preserving food too. Or at least, all the results :) We worked through 1/3 of our garden, and I was planning to plant peas but never got to it, and today it's snowing here, and 30 degrees less than yesterday. But I'm getting those peas in the ground on Tuesday. And, probably, some salad.

  6. Thanks ladies, it's easy to do the things you love!!

  7. What beautiful quils I love the christmas box one .........I may have to try that one although I am no quilter :)