Saturday, March 10, 2012

Harvest Time

 The weather is just to nice to stay in today so Kara and I decided to bring in a few carrots from the winter planting.
 As I dig she held on to her favorites.
 Kara is big into kissing, hard work means lots of kisses.
 We had a time of keeping her from eating the carrots before they were washed. She continued to say "Yumm" then try to take a bite.
 Yet more kisses, I am telling you this girl is all about kisses. Kissing in the garden is a great way to spend the afternoon.
 Finally a clean carrot to munch on.
 We pulled about 1/2 the bed of carrots. Now the real work begins.
The first wash is done, now on to the second wash were I will scrub the beauties with a veggie brush.

Kara pooped out on me and is down for a little rest, I am thinking that's a good idea!! I have most of the second wash on the carrots done but my hands are so water logged I am taking a little break before the action begins again. Its on to chopping, steaming and dehydrating, by  the morning I will be ready to seal them in a jar or vacuum sealer bags. This was our first year to try and grow carrots over the winter and it worked out WONDERFULLY!!! We still have 1/2 a bed that I didn't pull, most were a bit on the small side so I will give them a more time to grow before I do another planting.

I love a day when we can get out and dig in the dirt, having hubby home to play along is great, having a grand with us is more than we deserve!!! SO BLESSED.

BTW, yes that is the real color of my hair, totally white (we have 3 grown DD remember) NO, that is not the real size of my body!! Bending over a raised bed adds 10 to 15 pounds, having a extra large tee shirt on adds an additional 10 to 15 pounds, hubby with a camera who doesn't have a clue how to take attractive slimming photo's I figure added and additional 10 to 20 pounds don't you think? So that's around 50 pound over weight YIKES (the total should be 20 pounds, give or take 10 pounds, I will go with the take side)


  1. These carrots are beautiful!! How cold does it get where you live in winter? And I love how your hair is so white! It's beautiful!!

  2. We have had a CRAZY warm winter. The normal winter is daytime in the 40-50 degrees, night 20-30's with maybe a few really cold days and snow. This year we have hardly any really cold weather. it's 72 degrees here today but we will have a frost for the next few days.

  3. beautiful carrot harvest, I think carrots are my favorite vegetable.
    Very sweet granddaughter too.

  4. I am, once again, envious of your weather & picking veggies at this time of year. We were digging beets from under 2ft of snow a couple years ago & pickling them 2 wks before Christmas *phew*. Love your hair, Debby. I have never dyed my hair and have vowed never to, so I am right behind you in that dept !

  5. If I had that beautiful hair I wouldn't dye it either.

    Your carrots and granddaughter are wonderful.

  6. Hi Debby, you cant beat the taste of freshly picked carrots can you? I have just sown some carrot seeds and will do so at fortnightly intervals.We love them!

  7. you are such a funny bunny Debby!!!

    Gill in Canada

  8. Digging in the dirt is one of my fave activities too! To combine that with KISSES, well blissful comes to mind!
    I love your hair colour - I started to go grey in my 20's, so dyed my hair til I was 40 then let it go - now it's salt and pepper, heavier on the salt! I love it!