Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dehydrating Rocks!!

 I have had a lot of questions about our dehydrated foods. This is an old photo of my dehydrated food jars, it has expanded GREATLY over the past 2 years!
 I am thinking this is summer squash in the dehydrator, for the most part the dehydrator lives in the laundry room unless I am working on stinky stuff then I move it to the garage.
When our jars are full I vacuum pack the extras then refill my jars from my dehydrated stash. This is a photo of dehydrated sweet potatoes.

 When a mood strikes me I move on it quickly that's how we ended up with the over the top great dehydrator we have. I had seen video's of  Tammy at and was amazed at what all she could do with dehydrating, so super cool!! I thought one day I should give it a try, I love anything and everything that has to do with food and cooking. Not long after I had seen her video's I was chopping up celery but only needed 3 stalks. I knew as soon as I was putting the extras in the refrigerator I would end up throwing it out within a week, what a waste! The more I thought about it I began thinking, now if I had one of those fancy dehydrators I wouldn't be wasting the $.79 cent celery, I could just chop it up and dehydrate it to use whenever I needed.

That's it, I bought a $300.00 (they are cheaper now) dehydrator to save .79 cents in wasted celery!! Talk about overkill. While waiting for my money saving (HA) purchase to arrive I began watching more and more video's on dehydrating and reading everything I could get my hands on. I realized that since I can't pressure can on my stove I could use the dehydrator to put up veggies from the garden that would otherwise go to waste. My confidence and skills (you don't need much) has grown over the years, now days if it's not moving it very well might get dehydrated. Cooking a soup, stew and such is so fast and easy, all the work has been done ahead of time. I just need to throw a handful of whatever veggies I want in the pot and walk away.

Personally I would invest in the dehydrator Tammy suggests even if it is priced higher than what you might find in local stores, it has more than paid for itself in the few years we have had ours. Check out her site, she has great video's, recipe's tips and tricks.

I am in no way affiliated with Tammy's site, just passing on info that I think is well worth your time if you are considering dehydrating!!


  1. And you totally rock dehydrating!!

  2. "Ditto" on what Lena says ! Something definitely worth putting thought to having a savings jar to save up towards. I like the part "work done, throw in & walk away", lol Thanks Debby for sharing a bit more on this subject.

  3. Interesting! I have not thought about using a dehydrator. Will have to look into it!

  4. I have thought about a dehydrator, but don't know enough about them?

    Maybe should look for one on Kijiji?