Monday, March 12, 2012

Before and After

 Carrots ready for the dehydrator.
 Same carrot tray when they are done.
 The whole shebang before the dehydrator.
The finished product, one quart jar and enough vacuum packed for about a pint jar. AMAZING

Mason man and I had a pretty quite day.

 I had picked up chicken breasts on sale yesterday for $3.49 a pound that needed to be washed and vacuum sealed as well as bananas that were .49 cents a pound I wanted to dehydrate for snacks. We worked both up in the morning then a little regular housework, planted some yellow onions, and on to a food inventory excel spreadsheet that I hope will help me know more what we need and when we need it. I do a pretty good job keeping up with what we have and need in my head but sometimes I forget to engage my brain when I hit the grocery store. Of course I always have a list but when I find a super deal it would be nice to know if we really do need it. Other than bottles, burping, playing, and diaper changes it was an uneventful day.

 I am happy to have a nice laid back day now and then. I could have pushed myself to do more but I decided to pay attention to what my body was saying SLOW DOWN. I have Karsyn (Lord give me strength) and Mason tomorrow, Mason only Wednesday then all 3 of the little ones the rest of the week I need to pace myself  HA!! Tomorrow is another day, plenty of time to take on a little more, for tonight it's a boring book and bed for me!!!


  1. the dehydrator is fascinating to me as I have not used one make it look so easy...I have onions planted too but they have not come up yet....can not wait!!

  2. That second picture cracks me up! I'm very curious about trying this sometime...

  3. Thanks ladies, For me the dehydrator is worth every dime I paid for it!! Since I can't pressure this is the next best thing to preserving food around the garden. It really is easy!

  4. Wow - it's like magic - now you see them and now you don't! Do they expand again when you put them into soups etc? Or what exactly do you do with them?

  5. I vote for a post explaining dehydration of foods and how to re-incorporate it into foods! I'd be curious what/how you can use those carrots. I've heard a lot about dehydrated foods as snacks, though.