Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beach Vacation Sewing

 The big boys cell phone cases are done, so ugly to me but they will like them.
 I have been wanting to try a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt, however the idea of cutting out paper pieces in addition to cutting all the fabric didn't appeal to me. I went on a search to my local quilt store and found this nifty little deal. The first block turned out pretty easy and relaxing to work on at night, however the store was out of the plastic templates.
 So I went on line to purchase more. The quilt I had started used 2 inch quilt hexie's, they seemed a little large to me but what would I know, it's my first try. I ordered what the fella said I would need to work up a twin size quilt then ask him what was the most popular size. 1 inch seemed to be the big seller so I added that to my order as well.
 After making sure everything was packed and ready for vacation I got busy digging in my scraps to cut out 1 inch hexie's for a twin size quilt last night. I figure this should be plenty for me to work on in the evenings after the little ones are in bed, maybe even some sewing on the beach!!
Everything I need fits nicely in this free bag from Clinque. Perfect for some on the go sewing! Check out their site here 
On the right side of the page there are video's showing how to use the hexie mylar templates.

The house is clean enough, the yard is mowed, garden is mostly weeded and watered, bills are paid, suite cases and food are loaded in the car the countdown begins. I just a few short hours we will be on the road for a week with the family in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC ahhhh vacation. I am mentally prepared for the crazy week ahead.......I think.

Having only one full day to organize, pack and pull it all together was a real pain. I am sure I will have forgotten something, lets just hope its nothing we can't do without, I am determined to keep from breaking the bank on this trip!!! Hubby is the hardest of all to keep in check, he forgets how VERY expensive it is to finance all the extras he likes to do with a family this size.

Off to take a shower and do the dreaded task of cleaning up my hairy body from the winter, my girls don't like the natural look on the beach. In my dreams I picture the family on a nice Alaskan Cruise, where everyone has to wear jeans, sensible shoes and a nice over sized sweater or jacket. No worries over who is eating sand, who has gone off too far in the surf, sand all over the floor, tub, beds and snacks, teens who decide to light fireworks at midnight waking up the babies, TV blaring 24-7. that I think about it shaving is the least of our worries.

Have a great Fathers Day celebrating your special Father and or Hubby.


  1. Those are awesome "guy" cell phone cases!! And they actually look masculine! Have a fabulous weekend Debby!! :)

  2. Debby the guy's cell phone cases are awesome & with John Deere on them to boot...nothing my hubby would shake his head at ! Wishing you and your family the absolute "best" Beach vacation ! You will be 5 lbs lighter, or so I had hoped I would be after shedding the Winter hair ... lol.

  3. Have an awesome vacation, Debby! Come back well-rested and rejuvenated!

  4. Your post made me think of an old Frankie Avalon movie: Beach Blanket Bingo and it looks like you're definitely heading for some fun times at the beach! Hope the weather is great for you and that you don't cut yourself too much while shaving!!

  5. Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy the sun!!! Love your pictures of you and your babies a post back!!