Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Play it Forward Handmade

 Remember back a few month's ago when several bloggers got in on this fun idea?
 My Handmade item from Carla was waiting for me when we returned home from vacation!!!
 A checkbook cover/coupon holder and a zippy wallet. I used both yesterday while I was doing my running around. LOVE them both. Thank you so much Carla.
 Along with the gift she included one of her Handmade cards, beautiful! Check out Carla's blog, she has a tab for her sewing creations at really GREAT prices.
 My Play it Forward buddy Ms Thrifty has also been on vacation. I got word that she too received the handmade gift I sent to her.
 I whipped up a Sassy apron in what I think are her favorite colors (I hope)
The back....
Pearl my sewing friend doesn't do clothing the justice they deserve sometimes. Pearl is lacking in the Ta Ta department so things just don't hang right on her but it's better than nothing when taking photo's

Yesterday I left the house bright and early to knock out a few errands, I didn't return home until 3:00, grrrrr. It was not a stellar day. I overspent at the quilt store, HATE the grocery store that is close to home now that mine has closed its doors, the air conditioner went out in my car that we had replaced last summer, it was 93 degree's and AJ the beagle left me 2 surprises in my sewing room. AJ always gets back at us in some way even if we only go on an overnight trip. Typical girl, they tend to hold a grudge.

I told hubby last night I am staying home today to sew. Don't call unless it is an emergency. I need to finish up a gift for AJ's surrogate Mommy, get my block of the month finished, and loads of other things lurking in the scrap/sewing room. He agreed that a day off to play was a good idea, that is until this morning before he left for work.

HIM - Hey if your out today could you hit the drug store for my meds?
SHE - Sure no problem
HIM - I also have this package that needs to go in the mail, mind doing that or should we wait until the weekend?
SHE - OK, I will drop it off on the way home.
HIM - Can we eat early tonight, I am meeting the guys at the shooting range
SHE - Yep
HIM - Don't forget to pick the tomato's before the squirrels get them
SHE - I love you, now leave before I change my mind on the whole love you bit.


  1. Ha ! Had your day planned before it even started, so much for him agreeing on "your good idea" ! Love the Homemade Pay it Forward. Oh I am envious I am not crafty like my two sisters at times. I am the one in the family that worked ... lol that accounted for something.

  2. Okay, I have to join this crafty thing the next time you guys do this! Got some great fabric of etsy today and shipped out a table runner, placemat and coaster set so I am happy.

    Dont you know that planning your day automatically means a wrench is coming. groceries are sooo expensive these days!

  3. OH I LOOOOOVE the Apron!!! Man... I feel like you got the "shaft"! *blush* You're soo talented, Debby!!! The people who picked up your PIFS are uber lucky!! :)

  4. Carla, shame on you!!! I love what you made for me! I can whip up an apron in no time, felt like maybe I should have done more but overseas shipping is a monster of a cost.

  5. Carla, I am in love with my new apron - I just don't want to wear it in case I spoil it. Debby's sewing is a dream! I am so lucky and I think we should do this again, like the secret sister which made my month xx

  6. Mrs Thrifty, WEAR that apron!!!! What are you saving it for, I don't think you would want to be buried in it!! Ha