Sunday, June 3, 2012

Girl Time

 Ended up with 6 dresses after my little shopping spree yesterday.
Before putting the new things in the closet I took out 10 things to donate for charity.

DD#2 helped me decide on what dresses I really wanted to keep after my shopping spree yesterday. We whittled it down to 6, with what I already have that will be all I need to get through the summer. Total spent $157.10, total saved $198.71. Those are numbers I can live with!!

 After the declutter challenge Carla ran in February I didn't want to overload my closet again so soon. I got busy pulling out a few summer things I knew I wouldn't wear again. I don't donate junky, stained, torn up things to Goodwill, that sort of stuff goes to the dump. Whoever has the pleasure of picking these things up will be getting a real treat at a great price. I went ahead and sorted my summer dresses while I was at it deciding what was for everyday around the house, in the yard sorta things, then moved them over to my knock about side of the closet. Tomorrow when Mason goes down for a nap I need to go through that side and pull out a few tee shirts that are pretty nasty looking, the grands have done a number on some items over the past 2 years! Ha

DD#2 and I had a fun breakfast this morning with some friends of mine that have known her since she was a little bitty girl, they haven't seen her in ages. Lots of catching up and laughter about the old days at ball parks. We then went for some girl time (shopping) DD#2 is staying with us for a few weeks until school is out for teachers before moving 3 LONG hours away. This Mama is not happy but at 30 years old she has to make her own decisions. She has 3 trips coming up in June, I thought it would be nice for her to have a few new things. I remember way back when I could go to the racks and pick up anything I liked and it would fit like it was made for me........could it have been that long ago? How fun it was to dress up one of my big girls    with no worry whether there would be lumps and bumps in all the wrong places!! While everything she got was young hip and oh so cute she will still be able to wear it all when school starts back in the fall if she throws on a little sweater. She was blown away by how much we got but what little we paid. I forgot to get the receipt from her before starting this post. I do remember the total was less than one of the dresses in particular had cost at full price, yep we were dealing. 

Then it was home for me to try and cram as much housework, yard work, laundry and desk cleaning as I could get in. While DD#2 meet up with some of her friends at that way over price coffee house, ahhh the life of the young.

It has been a VERY spendy week around here. On my ever growing list to do on Monday is total up some numbers for clothing I have bought this past week. I should still be under budget as hubby and I rarely buy for ourselves and I do include splurges on the grands and big kids in the budget. But still it can add up fast!!


  1. Oohh.... Love the blue & green dress at the front!! :) You got some great deals if all of them were under $160!! Good job!

  2. Wow Debby, six dresses for that money is a real bargain!I am not really a dress person, my wardrobe is full of trousers and tops mainly but I could do with having a real big clothes shop as not many fit me! I am trying to lose some weight but its very hard going. I love your idea to donate some older clothes to charity when you buy new, we should all take a leaf out of your book.Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. I like your new wardrobe and wish we had the coupon/loyalty deals you get there over here in the uk

    We have a strict one in one out rule on clothes and especially books!!! The charity shops do well out of us :)

  4. Great prices is right, along with sticking to the "declutter" by clearing old to make room for new. I am thinking I like the dress way at the back, furtherest away in the photo the best for its colours. Another full day under your belt it seems. Yes, I hate this "throw away" World we live in, why can't they make things last like it once was!