Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Surprises!!!

 Look what I got in the mail today from my "Secret Sister"!!!!! A bag full of goodness.
 Can you see the scissor charm at the end of this bookmark? What a perfect gift just for me!!
 And this HANDMADE pin cushion!!! I LOVE IT! This little jewel will be packed in my sewing bag for our upcoming beach trip.
And some yummy fabric. This reminds me of orange sherbet or a big glass of lemonade.

Thank you, Thank you, thank you, Tara!!!! I love this gift to pieces, each and everything in the package is so me!!!!! I so am excited to cut into this fabric that I can hardly stand it, however the garden waits for no woman, I really must get to it. You can bet tonight I will be pouring over my patterns to find just the right project to use up ever single bit of it. The magazine has my head spinning, lots to learn.

DD#3 had an unexpected day off so Kara won't be showing up today. Gives us more time for our garden work, yepee.

In addition Hubby called this morning to surprise me with getting home a day early, holy Hannah the house is a mess!! Who cares certainly not him. On my way out the door to meet up with him for breakfast club then back home to play in the dirt.



  1. Wow well worth the wait for your Secret Sister Gift, Debby. The bookmark could not have been more "perfect" as well as everything thoughtful of Tara. Mess? Men caring or even noticing, as we do? HA ! Enjoy your gardening, it is raining here on the Bruce Peninsula, hoping it drys before Monday so we can "get" our garden planted.

  2. Awww...the scissors charm is absolutely perfect for you :)

  3. Such a fabby gift! Your "sister" certainly sent you things you love :)
    Hope your gardening went well!