Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home

 We had Kara and DD#3 along for the ride home from vacation today. SIL#2 had to leave the beach early this year to get back to work. The car was packed FULL with all of our things, Kara's, and DD#3. I was so happy that we had no room to stop for 2 bushels of peaches!!! I am not ready to begin canning yet! HA.
 As soon as I finished unpacking I got busy in the garden, so many things went to waste :( However we still have all summer to catch up, tonight might be a salad all fresh from the garden but a chocolate bar might win out.
 So many of the flowers on the deck are in really bad shape. Hopefully a little water and some TLC this week will have them perky again in a few days.
This guy might be a lost cause :(

The car has been unloaded, bedsheets just came off the clothesline, suitcases are unpacked, odds and ends are back where they should be. Vacation is officially over. It's good to be home!!!

Tomorrow will be all about the garden, banking and resting in between.

The weather has been HOT, HOT, HOT, here at home while we were gone. We have some hit or miss showers around this evening that we hope will hit our house, if not the sprinklers will be going full blast in the AM. Then it's on to weeding, tie up tomatoes, peppers and lots of other to do's in the dirt. I had to pitch so many things today that had gone bad while we were gone, zucchini as big as watermelon, yellow squash, over ripe tomatoes, cracked radishes, lettuce, durn. We did have a friend come by and pick at mid week but things grow so fast right now it is a daily job.

I need to do a check up on our bank accounts and pay some bills in the morning, then check the CC to see how we did on our spending. I tried something new this year by using a CC for almost everything we spent, the little cash we did take is more than I need to see us through next week. I think we did pretty well with our budget but hubby has a bad habit of not playing fair!!HA  The CC will be paid in full first thing in the AM, so hope we are UNDER budget!! That will put us a little closer to our goal for the Christmas fund.

We received sad news on the way home that a dear friend passed away Friday. Dan was only 60 years old but had fought heart problems and suffered major strokes in the past 20 years. Hubby will find out the details in the morning when he gets to the office. The family is originally from KS so we figure the services will be back in his home town. So sad... he leaves behind a wife, 2 DD's a Son and a slew of grands. We have traveled around the country with his family on different job sites when we wives were still able to move our kiddo's from pillar to post before settling down when they hit high school. Hubby and I NEED to get our own arrangements made soon. We don't want to leave our kiddo's with the burden of figuring it all out. Our will, insurance and such is all in order but there are so many other detail we need to think about and work out. We have lost far too many friends recently.


  1. It is always good to get back home....wonderful time spent with your loved ones though...

    Yes, Etsy is easy to set up and easy to manage...get started!!
    Let me know if you have any questions and I will see if I can help.

  2. Welcome back! You got some goodies from your garden! We have 102 F today, and my garden is very unhappy. The rest of the week will be in upper 90s too :(I'm really sorry about your friend. My Grandpa died young after his 4th stroke. It's hard!

  3. Welcome back! Just had my first flower on a zucchini today ! Do men ever play fair in the spending dept? Sorry to hear of your friend xxx Looking forward to all your semi-retirement garden/canning adventures to begin !

  4. I bet it's good to be home even with all that gardening to do. So sorry to hear the news of your friend - we never know what is in store and you are very wise to sort things for your children. Mr Thrifty and I really should make a will!!! Thinking of you xx

  5. Sixty is so young - that's very sad news.
    The worst thing about holidays is all the work there is to do when you get done. Hope all of your flowers survive!

  6. We are still having "Junuary" here in Portland. it was 62 here today.

    I am very impressed you can stay I budget while on vacation. Wow!

    Be well


  7. Sounds like you'll have your hands very full for a few days!!

    I'm so sorry for your loss, Debby. :( So very sad...