Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Day of Semi Retirement/Fathers Day Gift

 I decided for Fathers Day this year I would have the Grands photo's taken in their National Champions Bama wear that Papaw loves so much. After countless tries we couldn't get the little girls to cooperate. They were running around, crying, hitting, you name it, totally out of control.

 I was determined to get the picture taken, this was his one and only gift from me!!

Holy crap, it is panic time, think quick.

 I was not planning on being part of the photo session, hair not done, no makeup, clothes all wrong and where in the H... did the multiple chins come from? I have no pride.

 I grabbed the little girls kicking and screaming, holding on for dear life, we went for it.
 This is not working, I am sure they will settle down soon.
 Aww, sit still girls, don't cry this will only take a second.
Then Kara says "Ewwww Baby", yep he did (Mason), it was only gas, carry on!!
 Yikes, it's getting bad.
 Please Lord don't let me wet my pants, this is too funny.
Total melt down. We are DONE!!!!!!

Yep, this Semi Retirement is working out great, only took us 2 hours to pull this mess off. We did however get some cute individual photo's of them.

Were we done? Oh no, not yet. The big girls wanted to get a bite to eat. Load them up lets go. Lunch was a little better once the food arrived and the little girls had something to do other than throw things at each other. 

After lunch I ask the big girls what are your plans for the day? Both quickly said they were going home for NAPS!!! Ha, welcome to the world of full time staying at home with your sweet little offspring.

I laughed all the way home. It was a evil laugh, the kind you do when you know that your kids are finally getting paid back for all they did to Mom when they were the little ones. Oh lets not forget the teen years, yep that's gonna be a real treat, can't wait to see how that will go!!!.

I am excited for hubby to open his Fathers Day gift. I had a composite made of the three worst of the group Bama pictures, its a hoot!!!!! I am sure when the grands are all grown up and look at these pictures they will ask, "was our Nanny crazy?" You bet guys, we are crazy in love with each and every one of you.

Then it was home for me to hubby who took the day off to help  get ready for our beach vacation.........Your kidding right? I have been making notes of the conversations this afternoon between us. He of course thinks I am adding more and more things to my "To Do" list, being that he has such an efficient, organized wife.  Little does he know, this is too funny not to share on the blog. Maybe later tonight, I need to pack.


  1. Never mind "wet your pants", I almost did reading this post ! LOL, have semi-retirement, Debby, you are off on a great start !

  2. Never mind "wet your pants", I almost did reading this post ! LOL, have semi-retirement, Debby, you are off on a great start !

  3. darling! I think you look great! I wish my hair looked like this when it's not done!!

  4. You are a brave woman!

    we had family pics made recently- the 2 year old was not cooperative and there were only a few out of the 200 or so poses that she really smiled and looked in. Thankfully the photographer could cut and paste her head onto the best of the group shots to get a good picture.

  5. Those are just awesome, Debby!! ROTFL!!! Definite keepers!! ;)

    On an off note...I love your hair!! Is that the silver colour it naturally went? I hope mine does too!! :)

  6. Oh- I am SOOOO glad you found me! I was beginning to think I was the only CRAZY Nana out in Blogland. Welcome aboard. You are a BRAVE woman taking those kiddos for those shots. Lord love ya-what a mess!;>)

    I am your newest there is a crazy Nana North of the Mason/Dixon line and one South of it-Glad to meet you-xo Diana

  7. Hilarious! Little Mason man was totally into it though, too bad the girls weren't. That will be a photo shoot you'll never forget!