Friday, June 1, 2012

Card Factory

 Wednesday I set up a card factory space for Mason and I to work from.
 I am so low on cards I decided to work as an assembly line.
 Lots of stamping and inking going on.
Nothing too fancy, just simple and sweet.

How can it already be Friday!!! I never got the time yesterday to sit down to the PC and post, didn't even have the time to read others posts. The grands were in a GRAND mood, Ha. Mason is always out of sorts a bit when the little girls are around, he might be a bit spoiled having me all to himself  3 days each week.

The little girls were wild as a buck yesterday. They really need to be outside these days most of the time to burn off more energy but I can't keep up with them for more than a hour in the wide open space!! Getting them back into the house is like catching a greased pig, they are a challenge for sure. DD#1 needed me to meet up early yesterday to take Mason for his 6 month check up, OK how hard could that be? 

It was a comedy of errors. The kiddo's went down late for their naps, Kara decided no nap was needed. Taking a shower with an almost 2 year old lose in the bathroom will get your heart pumping I tell you. Mason worked up a super duper spit up all over his clean clothes,grrr. Once I got all that sorted out it was time to wake Karsyn up. We avoid waking Karsyn up at all costs, she is a Tasmanian devil if she doesn't get her nap in but I needed to get her in the car headed to Mommy.

As I walked in the room I could see her sweet little blond head sound asleep and GASP her bare bottom. Seems Ms Karsyn decided to take her diaper off at nap time, the entire bedding was wet as well as her clean outfit I put on her before she went down. There was no time for a real bath at that point so I threw her in the sink and gave her a quick wash with the spray nozzle (lots of kicking going on) Grabbed a dress I had made but hadn't sent home to the little girls yet and threw it over her head all the while she is screaming at me No No Nanny. Load them all up one at a time with hopes no one will figure out how to unbuckle the seat belts while I grab another to shove in the car, then we were off.

Once home a fixed a huge glass of water, made myself a sandwich, got  a couple of muffins from the freezer and hit the bed with my Nook until this morning. The crib clothes and blankets along with all the outfits from yesterday, mind included are in the dryer as I type. Time to pull it all together before the animal's (I mean grands) arrive again. Tonight its a double header for Tyler's T Ball team, they are calling to 80% chance of rain this afternoon. There is a chance I might get out of that little field trip!! 


  1. Maybe I should ship down that extra "dog run" for containment of your Grands, Debby ! LOL ... and that water should have been something a "wee" bit stronger. Wow, what a day you had ! Hope the buckles stayed on.

  2. Oh my, you did have your hands full didn't you? I can't imagine running around after 3 little ones by myself. My head would be spinning in circles! You're a champ!

  3. I have absolutely no idea how you do it. I get tired just reading your posts lol... and time to make cards - move over superwoman, supernan is here xx

  4. I feel your pain... ;) lol!!! You're a saint to take care of your grands though, you are always going to have such an amazing & special relationship with them! Love all the cards you made! I need to get some cards done too... I only have baby cards around & most people I know are done with!

  5. Wow Debby, so busy! I had my granddaughter today and she tires me out but I love it.I just love being a grandma!

  6. You are so amazing babysitting all of the kiddos and finding time for some crafts too! Your post made me smile- I don't even know how many times I found myself in the exact same situations with the little ones :)