Monday, June 11, 2012

Sewing Stuff

 Cell phone case and Zippy wallet for DD#2
 With a cute coordinating lining.
Lots of Zippy wallets are underway.

What was I thinking today when I decided a zippy wallet wasn't enough to add to the big girls beach bags!! It's not like I have nothing to do around this place.

After working on wallets for the big girls I got a wild hair and decided to make them cell phone cases with clips to attach to their beach bags. After lots of seam ripping and reworking my plan I finally got it right! There are plenty of patterns for sale to make cell phone covers but I was too cheap to spend the $$, how hard could it be? If you have a baby around distracting you it can be plenty hard! Ha.

Then it was on to fixing supper for DD#1 and her family tonight. In the meantime DD#3 showed up with Kara to cut hubby's hair, it felt like a revolving door around here today! The grands love getting together to run through the house screaming at the top of their collective lungs, Mason just sets back watching it all laughing. Hubby thinks it's a hoot.  HELLO I have all the burners of the stove going with a crock pot full of beef, this is NOT fun. But really it is fun most of the time, if I had known they were all coming over I would have skipped mopping the floors this morning. :(

Hope to finish all the sewing I have started then get the sewing/scrap room cleaned back up before vacation next week. I think I have Thursday off so ALL of the organizing and packing for vacation will have to happen then. Somewhere in this busy week I need to spend some time looking for a new bathing suit, a root canal would be more fun!!!


  1. Really now, Debby, a root canal more fun? LOL It always happens that way once you have washed the floor. I was smart for once this past weekend and did not do mine before the gang all arrived !

  2. These are just too cute, Debby!