Friday, June 8, 2012


It was a hot night at the ballpark, Karsyn needed lots of fluids!!

After a 10 hour day with the grands it is hard to find the energy to make it to Tyler's T-Ball games, so glad last night was the end of the season! I love watching the little guys play but it's just too much during the school year. I am happy that today is FRIDAY!!!!!!! I will still have Kara tomorrow but keeping up with one seems like a picnic compared to all 3. Only 4 more days of school and summer begins. I say bring it on, I am ready for some down time!

Hubby is on his way home from up north, DD#2 who is staying with us for another week will be headed out of town after school today for the weekend. It might just be that hubby and I will have a day to ourselves, little does he know the day will be devoted to garden work. I have had my eye on a yellow squash that might be ready for picking by Sunday. I am ready for something fresh from the garden. The lettuce is also coming along, I should be able to put together a salad for the weekend, yepee

The grands will be arriving soon, need to start filling sippy cups and getting breakfast whipped up. Have a GREAT Friday


  1. Hi Debby, summer holidays? I wish you could send us some summer weather over here! We have only had a weeks sun and I'm thinking that could have been our summer!

  2. Bahahaha!! That photo is awesome! Love it! Hope you get some R&R this weekend!! :)