Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden Goodies

 Dug up a big basket of garlic today.
 The bulbs are not as big as I had hoped only about the size of a golf ball.
And a nice picking of lettuce.

The yard is back in shape, the garden looks a little better but lots more weeding needs to be done. Hubby is unpacked for the most part other than the accessories he brought back from up North for his classic tractor. The SIL's can help him unload all of that at Sunday dinner tomorrow, this old back needs to be saved for the grands next week. All in all it was a fun productive day.

I'm not sure about the garlic I dug up today. I have watched video's and read all I know too read about when to harvest it. They all seem to say something different. I only dug up 1/2 of the patch, the rest I will wait on for a bit more to see if maybe I pulled it to soon. I laid it all out on a screen out of direct sunlight to let it dry for a few days then I will figure out how to preserve it, there are so many different options I'm not sure which is best. 

I did run into a problem while messing with the garlic. I began to feel a little odd, some light headiness, spots in my eyes, just out of sorts. I took a break to get out of the sun with a huge glass of water, all better now. I wasn't back with the garlic more than a few minutes before it started back, oops I know what it is. I am overly sensitive to strong smells, candles incense, perfumes, air fresheners, you name it, if the smell is really strong it can bring on a seizure. I have no idea where to store this now that won't cause me a problem. Maybe once it is dried the smell won't be as bad, I hope!!

In the afternoon while hubby napped I got the beach bags for our DD's and myself  monogrammed and filled. Forgot to take a photo, (maybe tomorrow) They turned out really cute and full of useful items as well as some fun things thrown in. Tonight I have been working on diaper/wipe clutches to go with the beach bags, maybe a zippy wallet to boat if I can find the time. I'm not loving the diaper/wipe clutches right now, they seem way to big to me, hopefully tomorrow I will like them better. Sometimes you just gotta walk away!!


  1. I can not "do" so many smells either, with my allergies, but garlic? Too bad ... Looking forward to seeing the finished beach bags.

  2. Do you have this problem when you cook with garlic? Be careful!