Thursday, June 28, 2012

I opened a can of worms!!

Got a pretty good start on a new "Quilt of Valor" top yesterday, hopefully more will get done today.

Hubby and I picked my car up yesterday afternoon after having the repairs made to the airconditioner that had been replaced last Aug.grr  the repairs were still under warranty so we did get a little break in the cost but still it didn't seem right to me. While hubby was settling up the bill I wondered around the showroom looking at what I think I will want for my next new used car for me. My car is 9 years old with over 200,000 miles on it. I know the time is coming it will have to be replaced, if up to hubby it would have already been done.

As he walks over with a grin from ear to ear I knew what was coming.
HIM - Is this the one you want.
ME - ya, I think this is it. However I don't want all the bells and whistles this one has and it has to be used.
HIM -  This is a great car for you, then he starts rattling off all the stuff I could care less about. Somebody has been doing their homework!
ME -  It needs to be at least a year old with low milage.
HIM - As long as you like to keep a car lets just buy new, we can find one without all the extra's and it would be cheaper. Drull is now running down his mouth
ME - Nope it has to be used or it's no deal.
HIM - lets find a sales rep and see what they have used.
Lot Lizzard arrives
Me - I like this make and modle but I will only buy used and I don't want all the extra's
Lot Lizzard - We have a few used ones but I can get you a better deal on the new ones
Me -  No, used will be fine
Lot Lizzard - With intrest rates as low as they are right now on new cars you will be saving money and I can get the payments where you need them to be.
Me - We will be paying cash, I want a used car with low milage
Lot Lizzard - We have some on the lot, you are welcome to look around. Here is my card if you find what you want. You can also check our website to see what we get in then give me a call.

Lot Lizzard then walks away.
Me - Hubby, I do believe he just lost a sale.
Hubby - I can't believe he just walked away
Me - Lets see what they have but he won't be getting the sale
Hubby - Can't contain his excitment, he has had a whiff of new car smell

So we look around but the prices are MUCH higher than I expected.
Me - Lets go home, dinner is ready, I'm hungry
Hubby - Don't you like any of the colors?
Me- The colors are fine, the price is to high, I'm hungry
Hubby - Gives me the sad puppy dog eye's

After supper hubby is on the PC diligently looking for a new car, his fingers are flying over the keys, the man is on a mission. I should never have opened that can of worms.


  1. I had been considering maybe the time is coming when I might want to trade as I bought my car 8 years ago but mine has only 42000 so maybe I should reconsider now.

  2. Once something is "stuck" in their brain, they can be relentless ! I think I bought my van with 178000 km on it, not too bad converted to miles?

  3. We found that it WAS cheaper to buy new then used. We got exactly what we wanted. My husband used and then actually got the price we wanted by using the price we got from a dealership 150 miles away.
    It is worth the Internet search.

  4. Hahaha!!! I love your conversation posts... LOL!! You'll have to bring a bib with you for hubby when you go car shopping from here on in... ;)

  5. Your Quilt of Valor is going to be beautiful! I made the mistake of taking my husband with me 10 years ago to the Honda dealer when I was having my oil changed. We came home with a new car! At the time I thought it was crazy, but as it turned out it was good that we did. Even at 10 years old it only has 45,000 miles on it, so I am hoping it will last me quite a bit longer!

  6. That quilt really is going to be gorgeous - I can't wait to see it finished. Your tale about the car did make me giggle - my dinner would probably win out too. xxx PS I wore my lovely apron today!

  7. I think you will be getting new car soon- been there, done that!

  8. Hah! Shame he walked away! He would’ve made a good sale if he was more willing to sell the used cars. Used cars go for less than new cars do, plus they don’t always come with all the extra enhancements and gadgetry, which is what you were looking for. Also, insurance costs for used cars tend to be much lower than for new ones. There’s also a much wider range of makes and models to choose from than when buying new models.

    Patrick Gauer