Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Schools Out For Summer!!!

 Tonight I will sew some buttons on the cell phone cases to dress them up a bit.
 I stepped out of my pink and green box for a change. The yellow, grey, and black look pretty good to me.
 Now on to camo (yuck) cell cases for the big boys.
DD#1 sweet babies will be staying at home with Mommy for a FULL year!!!!

DD#1 and her hubby made a decision a few months back for DD to leave the classroom for a year to stay at home with her little pack of babies. I know for her to give up teaching is going to be hard for awhile, she starts getting ready for the new school year long before she needs to. She is an OUTSTANDING teacher, one of those every child should have the pleasure of experiencing for at least a year. While I will miss having the little ones around each day (sorta) she is willing to share them any time I call! Ha

 I wasn't sure if DD#1 would really walk out of the classroom today and not run to the office to grab her resignation back. The whole gang was here this afternoon to celebrate the beginning of summer for all of us. DD#1 was overly quite. I know her heart is heavy after turning out the lights and picking up her last box of supplies. She would like to take only one year off, at that point Karsyn will be close to three, Mason man will be almost two, Tyler will be in first grade. If she does go back after a year I will begin keeping her little ones 2 days a week, the other 3 days they will be going to daycare/preschool which is what we did with Tyler.

I will still have Kara 2 or 3 days a week as her Mommy can't leave the workforce just yet. We will also be getting the little girls together at least once a week for a day to play at Nanny's house. The little girls have been together every day except Saturdays for their entire little lives, splitting them up would be heart breaking. As far as I know none of our big girls are prego at this point so I will be having a whole lot more time on my hands for awhile, YA ME!!!!

First on my huge lists of want to do's is clean each and every room in the house. After vacation I will tackle that job one room per week. It's going to take 12 weeks to do it all. I'm cool with that, by mid September with any luck this place will be fresh and clean. It's not like we are living in a pig pen but it has been forever that I have had the time (made the time) to clean a room from top to bottom, other than the kitchen. By setting a goal of only 1 room a week I should still have time for Nanny and keep up with Kara when she is around.

I don't regret a SINGLE day I have had the grands. It's been almost 6 years that I have had one or more of them full time. The next little one to join our family will be welcomed with open arms, hearts and a place at Nanny's and Papaw's until we all feel they are old enough to attend daycare/preschool. I have had lots of negative comments over the years from family and friends with the decision hubby and I made to keep the grands out of daycare when they are so little. While I know this lifestyle is not for everyone, for me and mine it has been the right road.

Bring on the summer I am ready to rock!!!! Now where did I put that pine-sol?


  1. Still a couple of weeks to go before school is out around here. You are really going to miss Mason man's help around the house - he sure is handy! The good thing is you can see them whenever you want and it's great that your daughter can afford to stay home with her brood for a year making memories that will last a lifetime!

  2. You are so right Jane,DD and hubby have been saving up for her to go without pay for the year, but it will be so worth it!!! I have car seats for all the grands in my car, you can bet I will load them all in when I get lonely!!

  3. It sounds like a bittersweet chapter of your life is closing, Debby. The memories are a lifetime with so many more to come ... I do love the yellow/gray/black, they are classic looking (to me anyhow, lol). I maybe will join you on the one room per week, let me know when you will begin !