Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 2

 Karsyn our little daredevil was quite the Diva this morning at the beach. Poor girl didn't get enough sleep the night before so a pacifier was badly needed most of the day.
 Tyler was in high gear all day then hit the sack early tonight.
 Kara loves every single thing about the beach.
Sharing snacks with Aunt Ame is another highlight of the day.

What a beautiful day today, temps in the low 80's with a cool breeze and lots of sunshine. So far no sunburns, we are all using 80 SPF sunscreen. Nothing is worst than getting burned on the first day at the beach!!

DD and her hubby had kitchen duty today, breakfast, lunch and dinner, no cooking for me!! However....Hubby and I might have stopped for a little fast food on the way home from the grocery tonight, I'm just saying!!