Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet My New Friend Lily

 We got a nice bunch of tomatoes from the garden this morning along with cucumbers, radishes, squash, zucchini, garlic and tons of lettuce. Canning season is close at hand. After I knocked out hubby's errands (and a little stop for me) It was home to knock out some sewing.
 This months quilt square is complete, it is my least favorite so far but for $1.00 it will do.
 I picked up this dress while we were at the beach last week for AJ's surrogate Mommy, it is sooo her and it was on sale!! She will be headed to the beach for her family vacation in a couple of weeks, I am building her gift around a beach theme. Lots of beach necessities, a zippy wallet that almost mathches her new dress with a GC inclosed for a pedi as well as a cell phone case. All I need to finish up her gift is to embroider her name on a beach bag in the morning then it's done, yepee.  AJ is so lucky to have such a wonderful surrogate Mommy who loves her like she was her own!
 Delivered this gift bag today to our neighbor who brought in our mail last week. A cute zippy wallet with a GC for a pedi.
 I found this bag marked down to $3.50 at the chain fabric store today. Picked up 2 of them for gift giving in the future. I will add a sturdy plexiglass bottom along with some monagraming it will make a great frugal gift. I so love my gift closet and drawers.
 The little stop for me this morning was to the chain fabric store that was running a 50% off sale on all of their 4th of July fabrics. What a deal!!! I picked up 2 yards of each fabric, it will be made up into "Quilts of Valor" for our wounded hero's. I just left the scrap/sewing room after cutting out a new quilt using some of this bargian fabric. So exciting!!
Last but not least meet my new friend Lily. I was to tired to put  her in a nice spot in the scrap/sewing room tonight so she isn't looking her best. I am still fond of Pearl but the girl not only has a small chest her hips are ridiculously tiny, really she has no hips to speak of  but I still love her. Lily on the other hand has nice wide hips, we call them birthin hips here in the south it was love at first sight when I saw her abundant rear end. Lily's waist is not what I would consider normal but we all have our little flaws so I forgive her for that. Lily wasn't figured in my spending plan this week but with the garden cranking out veggies and the freezer full of food I will still be on track to stay within our spending budget. I think a girl can never have to many friends no matter what their shape or size.


  1. Oh...I think I have Lily hips! She is just great! It sounds like you have been a busy girl. xo Diana

  2. Another lovely bag,you are a talented lady

  3. Lily is my kind of gal! I believe that you will be truly blessed for all the blessings you bestow on others - your thoughtfulness is so huge xx

  4. With my "child bearing" hips with a waist in years gone past ... I could befriend Lily with no problem. Wow you were spinning your day with all you got done!

  5. I've got those "birthin hips" too, must be something in the water!

  6. Hi Debby, you are always so well organised and plan ahead. I wish I could take a leaf out of your book!