Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slow Day

 A few Birthday cards.
 Then a few more to use up the paper.

 Then on to some just becasue cards.
While hanging out with this little guy. Can you see those long eyelaches?

Monday was a slow peaceful day, LOVE getting one of those every now and then. No place to go, nothing that had to be done, just hanging out with my little buddy. I have had card supplies setting out in the family room since last week, I was getting tired of looking at the mess! Yesterday I worked up more cards to use up the paper I had pulled out then cleaned it all up. I still need a few more sets of all occasion cards, maybe this afternoon I can work on something simple and not have to drag it all out again.

Mason and I have a couple of errands to do today for his Mommy, I hate doing errands with a passion. DD#1 is in the last week of the school year with the kiddo's, next week is teachers only, we are almost at the end of this year but now its a sprint to the finish with odds and ends for her class as well as Tyler's last week at Pre-school. As a treat for the day ahead  Mason and I will be meeting a few friends for breakfast this morning then hopefully finish up the running around before nap time.


  1. The Mason Man is the cutest ! Love the set of "just because" cards, Debby.

  2. Your cards are beautiful! I hope Tuesday is another good day.

  3. Gorgeous cards.You are always so busy and creative Debby.

  4. How can you possibly have a day of "nothing to do"??You are always doing something, making and creating something. Even on a slow day you managed to create some beautiful cards!! You are just amazing!

  5. Love your cards! Beautiful :)