Friday, June 15, 2012

He said, She said

 It was all about me and my Aunt Ame today (Aunt Amber) First we got all pretty.
 Then we worked in the garden.
 My Aunt Ame loves me to death.
 We also watered the flowers. Which one do I water Aunt Ame?
But mainly it is all about me! My new word is "ME"

We had Kara today along with DD#2 before she moved out of town this afternoon, enough said about that!!! Hubby and I did so much better communicating today than yesterday, maybe we need company to keep us in line! Ha. So here are just a few random conversations we had yesterday.

SHE - You are going to be late for work.
HE - I took the day off.
SHE - Why
HE - To help you get ready for vacation
SHE - Gave him the "Look"


HE - Can I help you with anything?
SHE - Yes, thanks, can you carry the food containers to the living room.
HE - Which room is the living room?
SHE - The same one it has been for the past 20 years, the front room.
HE - This one?
SHE- No, that's the family room, it's in the back of the house if you haven't noticed.
HE - So the other room?
SHE - Yes the one in the front of the house.
He - So you mean the other one, right,  when you first walk in the door, that room.?
She - Did not kill him

There's more 

SHE - What are you doing (he has a huge mess all over the table, tools are involved)
HE - This air freshener is not working, I am gonna fix it.
SHE - It was free with coupons, just throw it out.
HE - But I like this one, I can fix it.
SHE - It smells too strong, makes me feel bad.
HE - Can't you use the bathroom upstairs?
SHE - Gave him the "Look"

later that evening as he exists the powder room

HE - That air freshener is really strong, I took it off the wall. How much did it cost?
SHE - It was free I used coupons remember?
HE - Lets not buy anymore of them.
SHE - Wonders where the gun is.


SHE - Why are the clothes in the hamper wet?
HE - The towels from when the little girls went swimming were wet.
SHE - Don't put wet things in the clothes hamper they could mildew everything else.
HE - But aren't you going to wash them?
SHE - Yes I do laundry once a week, they could mildew before then.
HE - Maybe you should wash more often.
SHE - Find something to do before I find that gun.
HE - I was just making a suggestion.

It won't end

He - I think I will take a nap.
SHE - Cool, have a good rest.
HE - Want to join me?
SHE - Na, I'm busy, go take a nap.
HE - What are you going to do?
SHE - Wash the wet clothes from the hamper.
HE - Can't that wait, he says with the "smile"
SHE - Gives him the "Look"

After 37 years of wedded bless, he knows the "look" but for some reason he doesn't catch on too fast. I love him dearly but................ I have been told he is a normal male, some days I have to wonder.


  1. OKAY THEN! I am LIVING with your husband's twin!!! And we have been married the same amount of time! One time I asked him to run a load of towels through because we were out and I had an appt. I walk by the door and he standing there with the towels loaded looking like a dunce. I ask what is the matter? He said...I guess I don't know what to do next- I tell him...well, first you need to take them OUT of the DRYER and put them in the washer. Thank the Lord he hadn't dumped the soap in yet....yeah...xo Diana

  2. I so LOVE you, Debby...I did so need that chuckle today, sorry it had to be at your expense xxx PS Do you think he hid the gun good enough?

  3. This sounds awfully familiar!!!:) :)

    We are in the process of moving as yet my hubby hasn't packed a box or dealt with any paperwork.....yesterday he announced he was soooo stressed ??? lol

  4. That's hilarious! Been married 32 years and I could give you the same kinds of exasperating conversations! And the "taking a nap" together bit, too! Does it ever end??? Hahaha!

  5. :). Life is grand. At least he understands the look after 30 years!
    I have to admit - NanaDiana's explaining washer from dryer is the beat I have heard in a while.

  6. LOVE!!! This just settles it for me, Debby... You ARE A SAINT!!!! ROTFL!!