Saturday, June 2, 2012

A little saving

 How could it be that only a year ago the little girls looked like this?
 And now this. They grow up way too fast. Sometimes they play so nicely together.
 Other times not so much. UGH!! A little deconstruction went on yesterday. Thankfully it was just the wood they somehow detached from the window, no broken glass (yet)
Beach Bags for the big girls, now to embroider their names on them for our beach trip.

Just a year ago the little girls were enjoying tummy time together and learning to crawl. Now they run around like crazy girls and are always into something, but still oh so sweet. (sometimes) Yesterday they went from  good as gold to rotten in a millisecond. It was one of those days that I was thankful for a strong bladder, no time to turn my back for a quick pee. Kara is such a tattle tail "No, No, baby" means I better sprint to wherever they are Karsyn is for sure into something. Karsyn's reaction to the window mullion coming off was "Oh no". My reaction....I have chocolate in the house, this too shall pass.

Before Kara arrived this morning I was burning up the roads to get the errands done. I did end up taking her out a bit ago to do more shopping for the grands some beach clothes (bad me) I mean really how many purses do 2 year olds need, and floppy hats....I give up. 

I confess....... I have no control over cuteness for the grands. I get sucked in every time I walk past kiddo clothes.  Accessories, it's a lost cause. In my defense I didn't buy any of the over the top cute jewelery that coordinated with their outfits. As of now they think they are hot stuff wearing mason jar rings as bracelets, works for me I have plenty!! Just so you know I wasn't the ONLY Nanny in Gymboree today. I swear there was no lady in the place that wasn't over 50 years old. Nanny's are just pure crazy ladies with the means to blow a wad on the next generation.

Barnes and Noble was running a deal on the beach bags. Buy any 2 items in the store and get the bag for $9.99. I always have some little gift for the big girls I put on their beds at the beach house each year, seemed like a perfect little something at a good price. Once I get their names embroidered on I will fill them with a few magazines, sun screen, snacks and beach toys for the grands. I added hit the dollar store to my "to do" list for next Saturday, I should be able to score some good stuff there.

I wasn't done spending yet. I needed to return a dress to Belk this morning that was way to big (woohoo) It just so happened that they were running a 20% off your total purchase......Since the decluttering challenge in February I knew I would need a few new things for the summer. Dresses being my favorite summer wear right now I went a little crazy. Not sure if I will keep all of them, once I try everything on I will decide. I hate with a passion trying on clothes in the stores. I swear they use mirrors from a freak show in the dressing rooms, the lighting must be recycled from an operating room and they never vacuum the floors. I don't need a 3 way mirror to know whats going on behind my back. I am well aware the weight of the world has ended up on my rear end.


  1. I know what you mean Debby they do grow up so quickly and once they start walking you cant turn your back. I usually take my granddaughter to the bathroom with me because I darent leave her for a moment! The joy they bring though is immense.

  2. Love the bags, love your Grands & love everything you do ... puppy trade for girl Grand please? LOL

  3. What a wonderful grandmother you are! LOVE those bags...can't wait to see them embroidered!

  4. You're simply the BEST Debby!!! Your kids are SO BLESSED!!!!

  5. I agree with Sharon and Carla - you have to be one of the best Nanas ever! Your kids must be so grateful for all that you do for them. The girls do look sweet even if they are full of mischief. Don't think she'll trade for a puppy Cindy lol xx

  6. love your beach bags....we so not seem to get there yet....and only 60 miles away...maybe this week.