Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thinking Outside The Box

 Quilt top is complete, only I know the huge mistake I made while piecing it together! Even with the mistake that's still there by the way it turned out nice. The next one I make using the 50% off fabric I will remember to read the directions, it should have a whole new look about it. HA
 This is our master bathroom potty, notice anything odd?
If you look very closley you can see the handle has a "New Car" air freshener attached.

I didn't think about looking over the directions for the quilt I finished today until after it was finished. Why doesn't it look like the picture on the pattern I wondered. DUHHHH, I put it together wrong. For the life of me I don't know why I can't follow directions, I always end up just doing my own thing. Next week I will be making another one USING the directions!

Now what to do about the new car fever hubby has. Even with the cash in the bank after today's Supreme Court ruling and the beating the stock market took I am in NO mood to be laying down any big cash at least until we know what our new tax rate will be. So I was thinking maybe it's the New Car smell that has hubby all giddy, after all he has his own truck and Harley that he loves, why mess with my old car other than the fact he got a whiff of fresh leather. He never drives my car other than family vacations or outings so why should he care.

I got the brilliant idea that maybe an air freshener place strategically in our home would quinch his thirst. Off  to the auto store where the single fresheners were $1.95, the value pack was $4.95 for 6. I went with the value pack, we are talking a $47,000.00 car here folks I think springing for $4.95 was worth the expence.
Hubby does his reading, thinking and contemplating in the bathroom. ( I hear this is normal behavior) I figured this would be the best spot to place the air freshener. Maybe after smelling it for hours (yes he stays that long) he will be so sick of the smell he won't want to go near another car lot for at least a year.

If this experiment works like I hope it will just think of the money I could make. A few marketing tools a case of air fresheners, I could be a millionaire. Women around the world singing my praises!!! I could be the new Oprah, empowering woman to hang on to the cash they have on hand

I should know by tonight once the Oreo's and milk kick in. 


  1. ROTFL!!! You are one of a kind!! Let us know how your experiment goes... ;)

  2. LOL ... I can't wait to see how the continuing to "delude" the hubby experiment continues on, you Smart Oreo cookie you !

  3. Ha ha brilliant - that is SO funny - will he notice? I think the quilt looks lovely. My Mum used to teach out in the middle east and told me that the lovely Persian carpets are always made with a mistake because in Islam there is the belief that only Allah is perfect and humans can't be so they make a mistake on purpose - of course no-one else can spot it except the maker. I just don't know how you quilt so quickly xx