Saturday, June 23, 2012

Last Full Day Of Sand In My Pants

 The seagulls will have to make do without our goldfish and teddy graham snacks
 Someone else will take our place looking for shells.
 One last time in the waves
 The beach chairs are now washed and ready to load.
 Kara agrees that this was the best week ever.
She sealed her happiness with a kiss for her Papaw.


  1. Awesome week you have had, thanks for sharing it with us all !

  2. Looks and sounds as if you have had an amazing holiday. Fab weather too by the look of it.We are still waiting for the rain to stop and our summer to start here!! We have another weeks holiday booked at the coast in september so I am hoping it has bucked up by then. X

  3. What a perfect end to your holiday. Debby I did receive your gorgeous gift and emailed you - I am so sorry you didn't get it; you must think me so rude. I adore the apron and it is simply perfect - like all your creations. Hugs xx

  4. One holiday to remember. Memories to cherish.
    Love from Mum

  5. Glad you got it Ms Thrifty!!! I can't check my e-mail from the laptop, I am sure e-mail is on the home PC. Gotta work on e-mail after I unpack today

  6. Aww... Love the pics!! Those are memories to last a lifetime! :)