Monday, April 2, 2012

A Free Day!!

 Since I can't get the little girls to stand still for a picture figured I would just take a still shot of one of the dresses I made them this week. Took less than an hour to make one up, now that's my kind of sewing!! And no cost involved, just pulled from my stash.
 Kara is a little confused as to what sports season we are in, she is stuck on "touchdown".
 Kiss for Mommy.
 Not to be left out AJ the beagle needed a kiss as well.
 My quilt just for me is coming along.
 This box of minky pre cuts are for DD#3 upcoming Birthday quilt.
Building a minky quilt is messy work. I ended up using the entire can of adhesive.

DD#1 is taking the day off tomorrow to enroll Tyler in Kindergarten for next year, Mason man is going to tag along, that frees me up for a full day to do as I please!!! I am thinking a second cup of coffee or tea, finish up DD#3 birthday quilt and maybe work in a little free motion quilting. Our temperatures should be in the high 80's, maybe even hit 90 degrees, figure setting in front of the fan with the sewing machine going will be a good way to spend and unexpected free day. I do have a few errands I will do first thing in the morning so just maybe I can be a bit ahead of the game for a change. Hubby will be headed back home this week, we have Easter dinner Sunday and of course an Easter egg hunt, and some MAJOR work to get started on in the yard. I need to get my play time in while I can.

The minky quilt has come together really fast, I watched this video
over and over thinking, no way can it be that easy but it was. The only problem I had was trying to protect my floors from all the spray adhesive. I need to square it up in the morning, attach the binding then make a label and call it done. The downstairs is covered in minky fuzz, lots of dusting, vacuuming and mopping will be going on after I enjoy my free day. I feel like a kid who just found out they are having a snow day off from school!!


  1. That little dress is divine .... I can think of two little girls who would love it - I might have to copy it! How did you make the flowers? xx

  2. The flowers are yo-yo's then I put a button in the center to dress them up a little. The pattern is from SC Moore craft store. Company name is "Fabric Palette" Girls sundress and headband pattern by Sandy Wolf, they might have a website. The dress is very close to how you make a pillow case dress

  3. How cute!! That's when I feel that I need a little make dresses like this :)

  4. Very sweet dress and only an HOUR?? Kara seems to like it too! I watched the first video about the row by row method - I think even I could follow that method...but not til I retire!

  5. Lovin the California Girl quilt (that is what that fabric is, yes?). This is actually Frugal texas gal posting from my second, quilting/etsy blog for a change.

  6. Hey Barb, the fabric is Strawberry Fields, the more I work with it the more I love it!!