Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rainy Day Reading

 Passed this book along to a friend this weekend
Yesterday's Nook book.

Want a couple of good easy read books?

 I finished "The Dirty Life" a week or so back. It's a really cute book based on the authors experience when she left the big city to move and work at  her BF's farm where they eventually married. While living on a farm may sound like the life many of us want reading this book makes me happy I only have a small garden to tend to! Ha.

Yesterday Mason and I hung out watching the rain reading all day. I do mean all day, I didn't even take a shower!!! Just what the Dr. ordered a day off.

 I finished "Mrs. Kennedy And Me" I had downloaded on my nook to read during our upcoming beach vacation, oops, need to download a few more books now! HA
I really enjoyed this book written by Mrs. Kennedy's body guard during her White House years. If you are a Jackie fan you will really like this one.

Not sure what Mason and I will be up to today. I am going into the day with no plan at all, a rare thing for me to do. I did work a little on transferring $$ around in or bank accounts this morning. We have so overspent from what I had planned on various projects in the yard and garden this spring with a little more spending planed. Thank goodness the big ticket items are done with but I want a few more raised beds to garden in that cost $$ to build and add soil too. Also put a little extra into our Christmas/Vacation account, with our beach trip coming up that account will be taking a hit. 

Maybe a little clean up work in the scrap/sewing room would be a good place to start. I also need to get some cards made that I have been putting off for way to long!! It's not like there aren't 101 things that could be done around here. I will find something short and sweet to do by the end of the day I am sure!!


  1. That first book loos really good! Reminded me that I have a book review to put up! I love days when you watch the world go by & just read all day.. They're much needed sometimes aren't they?!? :)

  2. The book does sound really good, Debby. Something I need to do for myself someday, just curl up with a good book, think the "pack" will allow that? I was just saying to a friend this morning, how could anyone on earth be bored staying at home, as there is always so much to do !

  3. Now, it doesn't sound like you are taking it easy lol xxx

  4. I LOVE having a day just to read once in a while though I find my mind wanders once in a while to what I feel I SHOULD be doing instead! Both books look interesting - I have a nice gift card to spend on books. I'll get a few to take east with me this summer.
    We are still waiting for rain!!