Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can't Remember What Day it is!

For some reason Kara thought she should wear a sweater in the house today, what the heck it's a chilly 69 degrees!!
Finished up the "Quilt of Valor" tonight, hope I can get a photo hanging on the clothes line, inside after dark photo's stink

It has a nice plaid flannel backing in red, white and blue.

I am to lazy to get up and see what the date is, I do know it's Thursday night and I didn't spend a dime today!! I finished up the quilt tonight after Kara left while I tuned into the republican debate. My quilting and playing around is over for a few days, hubby has started home and should arrive tomorrow sometime. Our weekend will be filled with Papaw time with the grands and lots of catching up, as it should be. I still need to inventory my embroidery thread while its 50% off until Sunday. I can also get an additional 20% off with a coupon I got in the mail today so I really can't put off more spending this week, 70% off sales are few and far between!!

I was able to crunch a few numbers this week to get ready for Carla's Low spend challenge for February. When I set up our spending plan for 2012 I forgot to figure in a few BIG expenditures, as in 401K, Social Security, and the regular savings we have directed before the check hits our account add to that the $6,200.00 that we are putting in the new Health Saving Plan.... folks it ain't pretty!! When it looks bad on paper you know your in trouble!!! I have excused my blunder on the budget since we had just had our 4th grand who was acting up after he was born, a week of jury duty and Christmas all in one month. The good thing about the mistake is we can make the adjustments needed with a click of the mouse. So thankful it wasn't a financial disaster on a CC or some other consumer debt!!! Hubby and I have agreed to let it ride for now knowing full well it is not sustainable in the long term. Come March I will cut back on a little of the regular savings to free up the cash flow or maybe some from the 401K (I think we might be putting in to much). So February's challenge will be a challenge for sure!! I will save what I can when I can from our weekly spending of $200.00 but there will be some spending going on. here is what I know we will need to do with the $200.00 each week

Groceries - I can keep that really low

Gas - May need more than I used in January, staying home helps!!

Entertainment - We have some friends from High School/College coming in for the super bowl. Meals will be eaten at home, I have plenty of beef to keep the men happy and I know my way around the kitchen. I think the adult beverages for the guys are well stocked and I am as always the DD so they will come and go as I please, Ha just kidding!!

Gifts - DD#2 Birthday, Baby Shower, Birthday for a friend, Valentines Day, Gift for Senior Pal, Holy Hannah I am going to have to be VERY creative and dig around in my little room of sin big time.

With all of that on my plate I will feel really good if I can put back $100.00 in our Christmas/Vacation fund from my weekly spending $$. We are putting way more than we can in our regular savings for January and February so if I can pull this off one more month I will be pumped!!


  1. got my fingers, toes and everything crossed for you that you can pull it all off.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Ha, thanks Gill!! I have been putting some big money into saving with payroll deductions in Jan, if we can keep it up in Feb we will have a super nice sum put back for whatever comes up. But then I have to back off some, just trying to decide should we back off 401K or regular savings. Maybe as I declutter it will make things a bit clearer

  3. Good luck Debby! Haven't figured my rules or goals yet for Feb., hopefully tomorrow. That Kara is absolutely adorable!!

  4. Thnaks Jane, Kara is a typical only child, quite the drama queen if she doesn't get her way!!

  5. Good luck, Debby!! You have a great plan! I'm hoping to fill my gifts fund, it's a short month & it's going to be a tight one! We're in this together!!

  6. What a little doll Kara looks to be. We only have grandsons within our reach... You are so totally organized with the budget. I really wish things were consistent to have a budget but at the moment getting a business to go in today's economy & after the holidays...well what can I say. Debby, I so love your Quilt of Valour it is beautiful !