Monday, January 9, 2012

Make Do Day 9

One of two "Linus" quilts pieces today
3 meals of ham vacumed sealed for To Go meals along with the ham bone if it ever gets cold enough for soup.

And last but not least some Blog candy!!!

Can you believe we are a week and 2 days into the No/Low spend challenge for January! So far we have been making do and thankfully not doing without around our house. In keeping with the spirit of making do I thought a little blog candy was in order. I have 2 mug rugs made entirely from scraps to keep up the Make Do theme of the month. Make sure and leave a comment before Wednesday Jan 11th to get in on the drawing. I will throw everyone who has made a comment since January 1 into the hat as well.

Today's spending was ZERO!! I had planed on going to the grocery store and post office today but we woke up to a cloudy, wet, cool day, perfect for staying home. I started the morning with a clean out of the refrigerator then on to piecing 2 "Linus" quilts. I will be Making Do for the quilt backings. I am stepping way out of my box for the backings, I'm thinking they look sorta cute, maybe even cleaver, hope like heck they don't turn out crappy!! One might be ready to post tomorrow, if the day doesn't get away from me.

I did a little creating from the leftovers in the refrigerator this AM.

Leftover roasted chicken turned into chicken salad for hubby's lunch.

Leftover boiled eggs are now egg salad for my lunch.

Leftover Ham from Sunday dinner is now 3 packages of To Go meals vacume packed in the freezer, the ham bone was also vacume packed, I kept out enough for our supper tomorrow night.

Leftover taco meat along with leftover lettuce was supper tonight.

Leftover bread from this week is in the freezer to use in dressing/stuffing
Tomorrow is errand day, I need to hit the post office, grocery store, chain fabric store, and drug store. I hope by combining all the errands I can save a little on gas and be done with the running around for the week. I have my coupons, savings cards, and sale flyer's ready to go, here is hoping it will be a small spending day!!

Good luck to all of you participating in the No/Low challenge, hope to check in on all the other blogs while enjoying the game tonight. ROLL TIDE!!!!


  1. Love the little "Linus" quilt squares.. They're cute!! :) You're doing awesome so far this month! My goal is to stay close to home... easier not to spend that way! ;) Love that you found so many ways to use up the food in your fridge! I'm being SUPER careful with food waste this year... I'm sick of throwing out food that COULD have been eaten!

  2. Same here, staying at home and making the meals go farther might be key to setting back a few more bucks, would love to have our Christmas/Vacation fund loaded ASAP

  3. I got a deep freezer for Christmas & I am determined to fill it with freezer meals! It makes life so much easier! :)

  4. WOW, good for you, I know you have been wanting one!!! Now save up for a food saver, they rock

  5. I love my freezer meals, as it is just so nice on those "too busy" or "don't feel like it" days to pull something out of the freezer and run with it! Just an added bonus to those days you really need it ...

  6. well done very impressive, I actually had a no spend day yesterday!!! Hoping to have one today...

    Gill in Canada

  7. North of Wiarton, I know frozen to go meals beats the heck out of having grey fuzzy looking food leftover in the fridge!

    Gill, Rock on!!! Love checking out all the blogs to see how everyone is doing

  8. I've been thinking about getting a Foodsaver for leftovers. You've done great fo not letting anything go to waste.

  9. Love the creating from leftovers! I need to start making extras so that we can use leftovers in our meal planning. Yesterday was a no spend day for me too! Yay! Such a great feeling!

  10. Wow - you're doing great! Keep it up.

  11. Bette, we love our food saver, keep an eye out for sales, they are worth evry dime

    Jode, Congrats on your no spend day, Having leftovers is a great way to stay out of the fast food joints and keep the $$ in your pocket

    Laura, thanks so much!! Fingers crossed we can all keep it up

    Hawaii Planner, Thanks so much, your marathon challenge is way out of my league!! Good luck to you