Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make Do Days 7 & 8

How is this for the finish of a long day. Chocolate cake, homemade ice cream, with hot fudge. Nobody on the typical New Years diet around our place.
Finished Tyler's chair today

Along with an additional grand chair to keep at our home, all ready for the big game tomorrow night.

One chair won't do at our house so we made one more so the little girls won't fight!

First for the spending challenge, I do believe I hit it out of the park this week, only one little tiny slip up that I have no regrets for!

$3.00 - eggs

$8.00 - post office to mail Senior Angel gift

$20.00 - Lunch with a friend, worth EVERY dime

$73.00 - Gas for my car, should last maybe 2 weeks, fingers crossed for that

Total spent $107.00

I am working with $200.00 a week for groceries, gas, and whatever else comes up. Tonight I transferred $93.00 over to our Christmas/Vacation savings account. HOT DOG!!

Not a bad start for the first week of our No/Low spend challenge, I think I will be able to do even better next week. My car is full, I started out with less than 1/2 tank last week, I am thinking I might be able to make this tank last for close to 2 weeks. We will need milk later in the week and I have some coupons I need to use for the grocery store sales to start getting our soup kitchen charity box filled up for the end of the month, other than that I think we are setting pretty.

I had to make do to finish up the chairs for Tyler and the football chair for our house. I can't believe I don't have any light brown fabric in the stacks and blots I have in my stash. Everything brown I had on hand was over the top girlie looking. I finally settled on the least girlie looking print I could find. I did do a quick search of hubby's closet to see if I could find anything for the cause but no luck. The one item I had my eye on was a tan Carhart jacket of his that is really worn looking, however I know he considers it "broke in" so I quickly put it back. I haven't missed being out and about at all, staying home is a pleasure to me!!

The other BIG project for the weekend was to finish up the second quilt for some little girls on my gift list, FINALLY it is finished, tomorrow they will be headed to the post office. I will share the photo's later in the week when I know they have arrived. I also finished up 2 mug rugs for some blog candy, will post them tomorrow.

So here is our list of eats for the week, eating at home is a great way to keep the spending down

Tonight - Ham, blue cheese/raspberry vinaigrette wedge salad, Lima beans, scallop potatoes, roasted pineapple, homemade bread, and the yummy desert pictured above.

Monday - Taco Salads (leftovers)

Tuesday - Ham dinner (leftovers)

Wednesday - Salisbury steak and potatoes with veggies

Thursday - Baked pork chops and veggies

Friday - Spaghetti and meatballs

I do need to get a few batches of noodles made this week for if and when it ever turns cold here, also need to vacuum seal some of the leftover ham from tonight to use for a To Go meal or two in the freezer.

This weeks biggie project is make a path in the sewing/scraproom, what a mess. I also need to sandwich and pin the "Quilt of Valor" top that's been done for longer than I can remember so I can get to the quilting (ugh). Maybe cut out and piece 2 "Linus Quilts" to get busy on. We have lots of leftovers this week to work with that will free up some time for sewing.

I am headed to bed to reread Mary Hunts new book "7 Money Rules for Life", yep it is that good!! Thanks for the tip Carla, love it.

Make sure and check out the other blogger's who are in the No/Low spending challenge, they will keep you inspired to get on the savings band wagon!!


  1. Yum!!! That looks Sooo good! And I just LOVE the chairs!! Those are flipping' awesome!! lol!

    You did sooo good this week on your no/low spend! Congrats!! Can't wait to see your mug rugs & I'm Sooo glad you liked the book! I always get nervous when I recommend a book in case someone doesn't like it! But I loved that book too! I've lent it out to Jane & have a couple "holds" on it when I get it back! lol!

  2. It really was a great book, to me it was more of a fill my soul finace book rather than a nuts and bolts deal. Thanks for the heads up on it, I have gotten where I don't buy many finace books anymore, they seem to be the same old same old!

  3. I just gained 10 lbs looking at dessert picture! I love leftovers everything just so much better the second time around.