Monday, January 30, 2012

Decluttering is Underway

My end table has been unloaded of book, books, and more books. All that's left is "Steve Jobs" that I am reading now. The chair is from my Great Great Grandfather and was recained by my Grandmother, love having a bit of our past close by.

My dresser is cleaned inside and out.

My bathroom drawer is now decluttered from all the junk that seems to find its way in there

What the heck, OK so stand on your head so you can see the receiving blanket I finished today. Used more scraps to match one of the scrap bibs for a shower gift later this month. I used minky fabric I had in my stash for the backing, now hubby wants one in a man size!! I had a time working with the minky, need to check with my fabric store to find the trick for working with it.

Last but not least I pined one of the Birthday quilts for DD#2, now on to the quilting, yuk!

I had a really nice start for a Monday and the beginning of the declutter/Low spend challenge. I was able to get my side of our room and bathroom cleaned out along with some work on a few sewing projects. One bag was loaded in the trash, nothing to donate as I don't think anyone would want my threadbare PJ's, undies and pantyhose. Who the heck wears pantyhose any more and why did I still have some? Along with that another fight with our insurance and drug store over the price of Hubby's prescription drugs, GRRRRR.

Hubby felt so sorry for me after the hissy fit I once again had over drug cost that he invited me to lunch on him. It was the prefect distraction from the craziness, and no cost!! Today was a no spend day!! I spent the evening pining one of the quilts for DD#2 while hubby watched "How it's Made", well really he was snoring within 1o minutes but I now know more than I ever wanted about building hydro dams.

Tomorrows agenda will be to clean out our desk which is housed in our bedroom along with my closet. My man has late meeting tomorrow so no supper will be needed, I can always find a little something for me. I would love to get an additional item made for the baby shower gift but I am afraid my closet will be a bugger to get done.

Off to bed with the "Steve Jobs" book, sure glad I didn't have him as a boss!!!!!!


  1. Great start with a NO spend day yesterday - I had one too and I already marked today down as one and I'm not even out the door yet! One must be optimistic mustn't one?
    Tee hee!

  2. I too seem to know more about British soccer, the news and sports in general, which by the way I can't stand, than the normal person thanks to dh. That man has yet to watch a full news broadcast without falling asleep!!

    You made me laugh....

    Gill in Canada

  3. Debby, my head is sore from being upside down on it, LOL. Nice decluttering jobs everything looks so nice (the trick I always need to learn is keeping to my great intention of making it stay looking decluttered, but then that could be another challenge?) Don't you just love when they have to have what they want on TV then start snoring? I have watched many unwanted programs this way. Good day for you !

  4. Good for you!! You're not wasting anytime are you?! lol! Love the sweet baby gift!! Every time I see your gorgeous creations I want to run downstairs & sew!! lol! Enjoy your book!

  5. Nice work, Debby! I love de-cluttering; I always feel more relaxed after doing so. That quilt is very cute, too!

  6. Thanks ladies!! It felt good last night to pick up my book at bedtime and not have the tower of other books falling to the floor!!

  7. Looks great Debby!! I bet it feels great too!