Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make Do Day 11

Our little girls at the water table
Of course they had to drive the NASCAR

Karsyn practicing her grocery shopping skills

We had a much bigger spending day than I had planned today but less than what we might have spent. Hubby and I meet our Daughters and the little girls at "Discovery Place for Kids" this morning for a little outing. The little ones had a blast playing, dancing and running around, this is such a great hands on place for kids and the cost is not to bad, $7.00@. I was going to get both families a season pass for Christmas this year but we were too close to going over budget. I made a deal with them today, I would go in 1/2 for the pass. Teachers can get a family pass for $75.00, they will definitely get their moneys worth out of a season pass!! If we were not in the No/Low spend challenge I know we would have treated the whole gang to lunch (hubby is not to happy with me), the little ones don't really eat restaurant food, it was nap time (they had hit the brick wall already) and Nanny needed to finish errands leftover from yesterday. So home we headed to eat out of our own refrigerator.
I finally got to the post office to mail off the little girl quilts. Shipping along with insurance ran $18.00. I was afraid not to insure them, it ran up the cost but if I were to have bought them they would have been in the $250.00-$300.00 price range.

The grocery store run was not bad, milk, eggs, banana's and a case of water that was on sale. $11.00. Total spent today was $43.00, I need to keep my tail home the rest of the week!

Update on my prescription drugs. I sat at the pharmacy over an hour bright and early today while the pharmacist disagreed with me on changing my meds to generic. Hey buddy I agree with you but we have grown accustom to having a roof over our heads, heat and food!! He went as far as to call my Dr back to discuss the change that he didn't agree with, grrrrrr. While I was waiting no less than 4 people came in who also had price hikes, 2 of which walked out to check with their insurance company, 2 others paid with a frown.

While waiting around for the pharmacist who was doing all he could to separate me from my $$, I ran into a friend who looked as though she had been crying, red puffy eyes a bit blood shot and glassy. She lost her son a year ago at Christmas then had to have emergency open heart surgery less than 2 weeks later. I didn't just give her a hug it was a prolonged embraced with lots of pats on the back. We spoke for a bit and I told her to call if there was anything I could do, she just didn't look good. She then informs me she had just come from her Dr. where she was diagnosed with the FLU, that's why she was looking so terribly bad!!!!! The thoughts that were going threw my head can not be put to print. Why would anyone who knew they had the flu let another person near them? What the h.... was she doing out in public, she had just stopped in to use her coupons for the week. I ran back home and washed as best I could them began taking Zicam while praying an extra prayer that the Lord would keep me from catching the flu. Sometimes people are just turds!

ALMOST forgot the blog candy winners are...

Katie B and Little Lamb, E-mail me your address so I can get your mug rug in the mail!!!


  1. The Discovery place looks like a blast!! I'm sure they'll get plenty of use from the pass!! :) I can't believe that woman! Ugh!! :/ I hope you don't catch anything! I'm sure you'll be fine! Drink lots of OJ!

  2. Obviously that woman just wasn't thinking clearly but she should be a bit more considerate to others that's for sure - flu can be a dangerous illness. Yup, you've had your fun for the week lol, time to stay home and not spend:)

  3. I love the chairs at the water table! At our children's museum, they have to stand at the table to play. It's fine now but was hard & very messy when the kids were just starting to stand & walk. :)

  4. I've always found it interesting how it's so hard not to spend when you're out but nearly effortless when you stay home!

  5. Oh wow thanks so much!!!

    That looks like a blast and makes me wish I was a kid again so I could go play there. Hope you don't get sick! I am home sick today with a cold since my co-workers were nice enough to share.