Sunday, January 22, 2012

Make Do Day's 21 & 22

Teen quilt top is finished using all scraps
I cut out and began piecing another "Quilt of Valor"

Today I didn't get dressed, didn't even take a shower (will be showering before bed!) It was a lazy day of PJ's, sewing, and lots of napping. Since I had been with the grands every day last week except Wednesday I decided to blow off Sunday dinner for catching up on some rest. It's early to bed for me tonight as I have Karsyn and Mason bright and early in the morning.

I did really well this past week in my No/Low spending.

$28.00 - grocery store

$10.00 - breakfast with a friend

total spent $38.00, I moved $160.00 over to our Christmas/Vacation fund tonight!!

I am still getting by with the gas from 3 weeks ago but by the end of the week I am thinking I will have to do a fill up and I am running very low on white thread. I have a 40% off coupon I will be using after the little ones leave tomorrow to pick up thread then on Thursday the big box store is running a 50% off special on embroidery thread. I need to check on my embroidery thread stash and see what I can stock up on during the sale. I really don't want to hold off on buying thread when the sale is so good, challenge or no challenge a deal is a deal, need to save when I can!
We are so close to the end of this challenge I hope everyone can stick with it to reach the goals you have set for your families!!! Off to bed with the Jacqueline Kennedy interview transcripts, DD#1 brought over a pile of new reading for me last week a snow day would be a good thing!! Ha


  1. Good gracious girl!! You ARE superwoman!! Great job this week!!

  2. You definitely had a LOW spend week! Good for you! Hope you get some much needed are a busy woman!

  3. You had an extremely busy week with grandchildren and all, nice you were able to "blow off" something on Sunday to have yourself a break. Great job on your no/low spending, Debby!

  4. I LOVE those kinds of days! And even though you had a relaxed day you still accomplished a lot! You know what - I didn't make supper yesterday either and I just let everyone fend for themselves. As far as I know nobody starved to death!