Monday, January 23, 2012

Make Do Day 23

I broke the first and biggest rule in the book at the grocery store today...I went in hungry. After having the little ones most of the day I was in a hurry to get to the big box store to pick up thread then run by the grocery to ONLY get a dozen eggs before rush hour traffic. That dozen eggs cost me $40.00!! I am not a junk food junky but if you were in line behind me you would have never known it. It started with pretzel rods that were on sale bogo deal, which lead to Ettamans donuts, a little jar of ranch dressing wouldn't hurt, however pretzel rods and ranch dressing don't go together, better pick up a bag of chips. The only thing in my cart of any food value was the stupid eggs. I came so close to ripping the box of donuts open in the parking lot it wasn't even funny. I did hold off until I got home then devoured two donuts along with a large glass of whole milk (the grands can't have 2% so we buy whole milk now) I can't remember the last time I bought nothing but crap at the store, I now have a junk food hangover.
The rest of what little was left in the day I spent in the scrapbook/sewing room working on some organizing. I am FAR from finished but I did make a little headway. One of my accomplishments last year was picking up some great deals on fabric...enough said!!
Anyone up for a junk food coma and fabric sorting??


  1. Junk food & fabric?! You had me at "Hello!" ;) lol!

    Don't beat yourself up.. i've BTDT!! lol!

  2. I so know how that feels when I go into the store hungry. Been there done that and have the t-shirt and it sucks!!!

    You have done well though so don't worry about it.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Too funny! We all cave once in a while and yes, shopping while hungry is a big NO NO! I bet those donuts were good though!

  4. LOL .... sorry to have a chuckle at your expense Debby, however it is just I am sure we have all been where you were at some time or another. Let me know how the meatloaf recipe goes over in your household. We LOVED it!

  5. WOHOO, I can comment on my blog, well at least for now!! Thanks for the comments ladies I now know I am in good company!! May dig into the potato chips tonight when the President is giving the Sate of The Union speech. I am sure I will need to do something with my potty mouth during the speech!!